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    Hope this doesn't sound like I'm saying Canadians are not nice people, it's the custom agents from both the US and Canada I don't like. I've had a warmer welcome entering the United Kingdom than the last time I entered Canada.

    I've been to the UK about four times. All of which they inspected my luggage but never hassled me. Of course they ask the usual questions, like why are you here, how long will you be staying, etc. which I can undertsand because I am guest. He customs agent found a couple of bags of beef jerky I had brought with me for my own personal consumption and the guy said, technically you are not allowed to bring beef products into the UK with all this mad cow stuff going on but I'm not going to confiscate it. Nor did the say anything about a carton of smokes. Or even my transistor radio. Since you are supposed to buy a licence from the BBC even to own a radio, but I don't think this really applies to tourists. Then said have a nice stay.

    Coming back into the US from Europe was a different story. They don't say, welcome home, instead they look at you with suspicion. They wanted to know why I was in Europe for 2 weeks. I wanted to say, "Visiting your mother".

    Inspected my passport thourghly to make sure I did not enter a nation that was an enemy of the state (like Cuba), etc. Made me feel real welcome coming back to my homeland.
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    the most relax customs agents I ever meet were in France. I visit France every year since 2000 and they never asked me something. Never! not a single "hello"... at the best they just point us the exit, and at the worst, they take my passport, stamp and point me the exit without saying anything...
    I usually land in Nice, but even in Paris. Lats time, they asked lot of questions to the guy in from of me, he was an american. And when it was my turn, he just said "Montreal?" heuu, oui? ... and he pointed me the exit! ;-)
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    My 2006 Mustang runs on propane. (I'll post pictures of that on the garage soon).
    A few years ago, I drove up to Montreal for a Rotary Convention.
    On the way back, I joked INSIDE MY CAR to my wife about "oh nothing to declare but the propane tank in the trunk" She freaked out and told me to be careful, because they can listen to everything you say. I told her she watched too much TV. Of course, that was before Ed Snowden.
    When we got there, they gave me the ninth degree, including pulling me over to search the car, which included opening the trunk, and then they flipped out and wanted to know why there was a propane tank there. I had to walk them through the entire propane system and explain how it worked, and show them the gas line from the tank to the engine.
    So next time, I've learned to keep my mouth shut within 10 miles of the border.


    too bad you can't run a 2-stroke on propane. Although maybe a 1.1 should be in my future.

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