1. bigmark40

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    I bought this recently as I had been looking for one for some time. It's a 1953 Groma Gromina DDR typewriter, which is the slimmest, flattest machine ever made. It was a real favourite with both sides of the cold war as it's so portable and easy to carry around, yet was a fully functional, high quality machine.


    This typewriter is the predecessor of the Groma Kolibri, which whilst somewhat similar, was not as small or as neat. The 2007 film "The Lives Of Other's" featured one of these. The Kolibri is sought after today too, but not as rare as the Gromina.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The typewriter works as well today as when it was made and the carry case has a wonderfully simple one click shut mechanism that is a marvel of simple, effective engineering that needs to be seen to appreciate.

    I like rare and unusual antiques and this is one piece I'm delighted to have acquired.
  2. Nigel

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    very cool typewriters! love the vintage style :)
  3. bigmark40

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    yeah they are. Only thing is that the quality of some of the GDR typewriters was just not the same standard as some of the ones made in West Germany.. The exception to this is the 'Rheinmetal' brand, which are probably the finest typewriters Germany produced, East or West.
  4. turbofiat124

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    I've heard people say that stuff made by Carl Zeiss was real good quality. We have a post DDR (circa 1992) microscope in our lab connected to a monitor.

    Carl Zeiss was a lense maker who branched out into microscopes, telescopes and binoculars and after the war the company did not relocate to the west.

    A couple of people told me it was common for vistors to the DDR to load up on Carl Zeiss stuff and sell it in the west.
  5. bigmark40

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    I have a pair of Carl Zeiss binoculars and they're really superb quality. There were Carl Zeiss binoculars made in Japan also, either under license or copies, I don't know which and interestingly are of much inferior quality. CZ products were highly respected in West Germany, which says it all really as to their reputation.
  6. VADOC

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    the key arrangement seems to be the same except the reversal of "z" and "y"

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