1. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    I ripped off my Alt today. The bearings sounded like new(was told this was"rebuilt a few years ago".


    First thing, the voltage regulator, and brushes were removed. Here is what I found:



    For those of you playing the home game, the brush on the right fell out of the holder. Apparently someone replaced the brushes with the wrong style(the wire comes out the middle, instead of side). This caused the wire to be pinched, and short out.

    Just so happens, I bought a new set on one of my first big orders. Completely forgot about them!

    Also the wrong brushes were a hair to wide, and they were jammed. So not making a good contact, and royally messed up the graphite slip ring on the shaft.

    So the standard fight with a 3 jaw puller, and wobbly sockets commenced.

    With the help of the little 1950's Atlas lathe, the rings were straightened out.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It all got slapped back together, and it charges fine now. The car is idling really odd, me thinks the Alt is working so hard to charge the weak battery..

    Only Time will tell.

    Just remember -our idea of "rebuilt", and a shop that does several of these each day mean 2 different things.

    I guarantee you, they knew about these issues, but simply didn't bother to do anything about them.

    Why would they? Not like it's there car! :cool:
  2. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Just sent you a private message on alternator thoughts
  3. Zausel

    Zausel Genosse Forum Donor

    My alternator is wonky. I'd love to hear alternator thoughts.
  4. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Hi Zausel
    the private message was on conversion to GM SI10 alternator
    These are one wire charging, and as Kerri has noted are excited through a dash warning light, so the only wiring needed are from the alternator to the battery and dash light
    In the US these are available at any and every parts store, can be from 60 amps to 100 amps, Cost is from $35 US to about $100 if you want one in chrome.
    I have a number of British cars that were born with positive ground 35 amp generators with a complicated external regulator, after fabricating some brackets I can use halogen lamps and eliminated copious wiring!
    wiring diagrams are easily found on Google search and the are numerous videos on you-tube on installation and wiring.
    one thing that some do not mention, but I have a "fusible link" wire in the charging wire

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