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    The title of that article makes no sense to me. Those are all budget cars. The Yugo was the cheapest car you could buy back in 1986. Not the best quality control but what do you expect for 4 grand? One problem with these cars is they don't like to take a lot of abuse. That's probably why they didn't hold up to Americans owners.

    Some of the cars that should be listed as being pricey that are no good:

    Anything made by Land Rover. I've known several people who have owned these. They were always having issues with the ventilation motors, plastic intake manifolds that either bust of leak. For something that cost that much all you should have to do is change the oil. BMWs. Once again, costs out the ass to repair. Anything made by Volkswagon these days. Dad had two TDI Jettas and they were always in the shop for something. Glow plugs are notorious for failing on VWs.
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    The link died. I am crying like a baby.

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