1. Thinsid

    Thinsid Loyal Comrade

    Re Stasi - Pt2
    Another book that is worth reading:-

    The File (Timothy Garton-Ash) The Author's journey through East Germany tracking down the the people who contributed information to his file and interveiewing them as to why they spied and/or handled his file in the security service!
  2. trabant601

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    I need to look at my files before they close them. I was told that I would have them in three different places meaning plenty of travel to go see them. Does someone know about doing that already, looking at their files that is?
  3. bigmark40

    bigmark40 Puttering Along

    I thought 'Stasiland' by Anna Funder is a great read. It tells numerous stories of everyday people and their experiences with the Stasi. 'The File' by Timothy Garton Ash was okay, but nowhere near as good in my opinion. 'The Lives Of Other's' and 'The Tunnel' (Der Tunnel) are two films that really show how the Stasi operated.
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  4. Thinsid

    Thinsid Loyal Comrade

    Haven't heard of "Der Tunnel" before, is it as good as "The Lives of Others"??

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