1. Buckeye601

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    Recently a writeup on the Trabant was posted to the following site:


    There are at least a few inaccuracies in the article, including a claim that the cars had no turning signals nor any brake lights (that would have made for an interesting drive in the DDR when that was the dominant vehicle on the road, and would make it impossible to register the car pretty much anywhere without modification). Despite the inaccuracies, it is a decent read.
  2. Buckeye601

    Buckeye601 Loyal Comrade

    A few interesting pics taken from the above site, just in case that article goes missing in the future. I especially love the one with all the presumably brand new Trabants in the lot.

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  3. Caleb

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    Believe it or not those are very common inaccuracies about the Trabant. There are a lot of articles out there that claim they didn't have seat belts or brake lights. Not sure where the original one got its info but I think the others just end up copying what they can find in other articles. You can easily look at the cars and tell they have brake lights.

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