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    The green 1984 is now looking sharp with its newly powder coated bumpers and grille. Now it's time to get serious about the white 1976er. I've had it to a body shop and he has offered to repair the left front body mount for a couple of hundred dollars but must wait until he has time. I see rust starting along the inner edge of the left front fender where it butts up against the firewall. Nothing to do but take the fender off and clean it up. I want to do this with least hassle as possible so I pulled out my spare fender from the shed just to see where each and every bolt hole is going to be. Here's a picture of the inside from the firewall edge forward. In the photo you can see the inside has been undercoated and it covered most of the inside but not all. But notice along the edges- wherever the fender is to be bolted to the car - nothing. It was never painted separately at the factory! No wonder there are niggling little rust issues with Wartburgs :) 20150607_194139 (1024x768).jpg
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    It's amazing to me how much better car manufacturers have gotten at controlling rust today compared to 30 years ago. Not that cars don't still rust, of course they do, but it seems that the paints have gotten better, the materials have gotten better, and the designs facilitate water flow better. It seems more of the issues today are with wiring.
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    And automatic transmissions!

    What amazes me is how newer manufacturers are now placing sound deadening material between the panels. I was cleaning my parent's 2013 Camry the other day and noticed what appeared to be a foam/felt padding material between the fenders and quarter panels. Looks to me like this stuff would act like a sponge and be a rust trap.

    On my 1980 Fiat Spider, the factory placed a piece of felt between the rocker panel and chrome kick plate. Not sure why. Maybe for sound deadening purposes in case the kick panel vibrated and caused a rattle.

    When I dismantled the car for painting, I found the felt strip on the driver's side to be missing (removed by the previous owner) but the passenger side was still there. Guess what? The side with the missing felt material had no rust but the top of the rocker was rusted at the top where the felt had absorbed water.

    They also spot welded the rear inner wheel wells together. Even though they undercoated the car, water would get kicked up between the seams and was caused the metal to rust from the inside out around the wheel arches. I remedied the rust with some Eastwood's Rust encapsulater, fixed the holes with fiberglass and applied a layer latex caulk over the seam and another coating of undercoating and Rustoleum paint. 17 years later, still no rust.
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    Took the 76 to a body shop - got a rusted out body mount.
    20150629_134514 (1024x768).jpg
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    Here's the "after" shot. Looks like they did a great job. They installed a new mount and undercoated everything when they were done. The white-looking areas in the picture are just blown-out brightness from the camera flash.
    20150702_093752 (1024x768).jpg
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    Now that I got it back from the shop with the frame rail repaired, I took the front fender off to address the rust that had begun showing. Well I sure found rust! I've got some grinding and undercoating to do! 20150703_163433 (768x1024).jpg
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    Looking good!
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