1. turbofiat124

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    I went to a big car show today. Maybe 2000 cars. They were packed in like sardines. I almost showed up too late and didn't get a spot to part. So these were the only pics I was able to take of my Trabbi. Between a Dodge truck and I think a Buick Roadmaster. I passed the guy up on the way on the highway to the show. HEE HEE!!



    I lied and told the guy at the entrance it was a 77 model to get it in the show since post 79 models were not allowed in. I'm not sure why. Maybe to keep the ricers out. It could pass as a 77 model or even a 64 model.

    I got a lot of interest in it though. One guy told me he was in Czechoslovakia and was in Trabant taxi cab. He said the car broke down and the owner got out popped the hood to figure out what the deal was and he said it was rigged to the max with bailing wire and all sorts of crap!

    And as usual I ran into someone who was in Berlin in 1989 who knew what the car was and was amazed to see one here.

    For some odd reason most of the people who asked me what the car was thought it was a Simca.
  2. Phil Tracy

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    2,000 cars?! Man, that is a show...you'd be lucky to see half the cars there I would imagine.

    And I had never heard of a Simca until I just googled it, but I do see the resemblance. I got asked today if my car was an Austin America which i had never heard of as well. I wonder who was copying who on these cars?

    Anyways, congrats on your Star Washers. All I personally won was a drink coozy, which was kind of worse than not winning anything :)
  3. Wartburg353W

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    Wow what a show!
  4. turbofiat124

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    I may have overestimated the turnout. That was just a guess. Mine was #682 and there were about 100 more that entered behind me. Then a bunch that had to park outside the gate when the showfield was full. Maybe more like 1000+ cars. That is still a lot.

    I left before the show was over and everyone I passed got to experience how a Trabant smokes when cold. I fumigated the show field driving out! People must have though I had a broken ring and maybe wondered why my car pops and goes on.

    Check out the dual stacked blowers on this Chevelle!



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  5. Bountyflyer

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    A dual supercharger?! Only in America! Look at the owner. It tells everything...

    Good job pissing off the Buick guy! Looks like he forgot to put base coat under his clear... But had money to buy a new top....

    Did anyone asked you with a serious face: Where is the engine?! I always ask them if they can count to two, and point out the coils, then the wires... Tons of fun!

    By the way the Trabant engineering team admitted to copy or mock a US cruiser when they developed the tail light.... Nothing wrong with that. I think they did a fantastic job with what they had!
  6. turbofiat124

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    Yeah, the clearcoat over rust seems to be the new look these days. I guess too many people watching Gas Monkey Garage. Seems people are digging up old barn/field finds that haven't ran in 30 years, fixing the seized brakes and pouring rust penetrator in the engine to free up the rings.

    Yeah one idiot actually asked me where the engine was!

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