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    1972 Trabant 601. I purchased this car a little over two years ago as an almost finished project. I’ve hardly touched it in two years, and it’s time to admit that I’m not going to get around to it.

    Basically, most of the big stuff is done, but there are lots of little jobs -minor assembly, cable hookups, adjustments and tightening- left to do.

    There is no title, but the car has been previously titled in the US. Obtaining one may be as simple as contacting the last known owner to get a duplicate, or you may have to go through your state's lost/bonded title process.

    I bought a new 6v battery about 6 months ago, and there is of course two additional years of weathering on the paint, tires, etc., but otherwise the car is almost exactly as I bought it. What follows is the original description from the previous owner:

    The car is currently not running. It is about 90% complete though.

    It was formerly Justin Shepard’s car. When I got it I decided to restore it and I spared no expense. I hate to see it go but I have no time to get it finished before I have to go.

    The car was stripped down to a bare steel frame and duraplast panels. All the glass was removed from the car to paint it. I had all of the glass professionally reinstalled using all new rubber.

    I had a local artist who was originally trained as a body man do a little body work that was necessary and then paint the car. I wanted to get just the finish I wanted to replicate the original and he nailed it!

    I filled any of the interior steel voids that I could with a rust inhibiting product I got from the Eastwood Company.

    Most of the parts came from Trabant Welt, LDM tuning and Ebay.de.

    I sourced original hubcaps from a collector in the Netherlands.

    There has been so much done to this car I don’t know quite where to begin! I was planning on keeping this car so I did everything to the highest standard. Thousands have been invested in this project. I have saved many of the receipts so I can prove what has been done.

    The good:

    · The car is complete except for the two tiny trim tabs that belong on the roof trim.

    · New paint

    · New rubber everything including window seals, door seals, firewall plugs etc. etc.

    · ALL new brake parts including mater cylinder, brake lines, shoes, springs, cylinders etc.

    · New seat upholstery- Unfortunately the front seats have a uneven patter due to sun fading while having stuff sitting in the seat…

    · Newish tires

    · New wheel bearings

    · Rebuilt suspension- cleaned, painted new bushings, etc.

    · Wiring has all been reconnected

    · Really, everything is new, or reconditioned.

    · This car comes with TONS of parts. Everything needed to complete the project is there plus many, many spares. I can take photos of that too but I am still unearthing stuff as I pack.

    · The project is 90% complete

    The bad.

    · The project is only 90% complete

    · Lots of small details to deal with like installing the roof trim, trunk lock, regluing small section of headliner, centering the steering wheel adjusting the shift linkage etc. etc.

    · The engine ran but I have not had a chance to do the final things necessary to start it up like set the points, carb, connect all cables etc.

    · The car has sat outside for the last year and a half so you might need to buff the paint again and clean out leaves that blew into the engine compartment, etc.

    · The little bracket that holds the hood open has a broken mount.

    · Some of the things are only loosely assembled, like I haven’t properly bolted down the air cleaner yet since I hadn’t started working on getting the engine running, etc.

    The door panels were reused so they may need to have new backing material cut at some point.

    $2500. I am also open to trading for other oddball cars. At the moment I’m particularly interested in a Yugo, but also Lada, Reliant Robin/Regal/Rialto 3 wheelers, DAF, Citroen 2cv, etc. Any trade must be drivable and have a clear title; this car has shown me that I don’t have the time and motivation for a project. I’m still interested in a Trabant as well, so if you’ve got a runner to sell and are looking for a new project, maybe we could work something out there too.

    Car is located in Grand Junction, Colorado (about 4 hours from Denver, 4.5 from Salt Lake City)

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  2. turbokafer

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    What state was it last titled in? Any possibility of being connected with the person who sold you the car so that a duplicate could be requested through them?

    I cannot title a car in my home state without a title in hand.
  3. Preston

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    There is paperwork from Texas from 2005. The owner's name and address are on it, so you might be able to reach them that way.

    Failing that, I think all states have a process for establishing title, but of course the requirements vary.
  4. turbokafer

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    Bummer! Thats unfortunate, I was really interested in the car.

    For what it is worth, the state of Illinois has no recourse for titling a car that is bought without title. Michigan, where I spent most my life and I could work with someone on this, has requirements that the last titled owner would have to go with me to the Sec. of State among other requirements. I have found through experience that establishing title is not as easy as it once was.
  5. Robert tamas

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    there are several ways to title a car with out a title in pretty much any state i just did it on my 2nd trabant in michigan you just have to work at it some extra if anyone one in interested pm me
  6. Preston

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    Sale pending.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Great! Keep us posted on the sale. Hopefully it is someone already on for forum, or someone who will be added to the forum. I would love to see updates on this car. Also, I hope is is a western state owner. There need to be more of these cars in the wild wild west.
  8. Preston

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    Sold! It's officially with its new owner, and it's staying in Colorado.

    I think it found a very good home. I'm not sure if he's on the forum, but he owns several other Trabi's and knows them well.
  9. Robert tamas

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    Who Bought it someone on the fourms?
  10. Preston

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    I'm not sure if he's on the forums or not, but he found the car via craigslist, not here.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Must be Charlie if he owns several Trabis.

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