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    Really rare, professional conversion, runs beautifully, one of a kind!

    I am sorry to have to sell my much loved Trabant Convertible. I don't drive it as much as I should and I do have a dozen or so Trabants anyway and I am being forced to write this as the wife is standing behind me with a gun to my head.

    This car is 42 years old so it's a classic car. The Trabant was the iconic car of the communist East German state. Made of duroplast (cotton fibre) and probably bits of recycled T34 tank it was standard transport for those lucky enough to have a car in East Germany and production continued until 1991.

    The engine has only 5 moving parts so it's easy to service and maintain. It runs on a 40:1 mix of petrol and two stroke oil as it has a (598cc) two stroke engine.

    The interior is one of a kind and very "German alternative". The seats are of very good quality as is the rest of the interior. The purple and yellow combination is truly outrageous and works really well, with its tendency to reinforce the smile that passersby routinely make when this car pops and crackles past them, its 2 stoke engine making its distinct noise. Everyone notices this car.

    The roof is a soft top, affixed to the body with pop studs. The car is a joy to drive top down in the summer, but it's also a very good winter car, as it was designed to be to cope with East German winters.

    It is a very reliable car. Always starts 1st time. The gears are dash mounted, rather like a 2CV. It copes very well with city and rural traffic. Tends to be a bit too slow for motorways but I've driven it on the M6 and M1 in England many times without a problem.

    This November marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall when Trabants full of curious East Germans poured into West Berlin and the humble Trabi became the iconic symbol of the fall of the Berlin Wall. These cars are appreciating seriously in value. There was a time when they were two a penny, now they're quite expensive. You'll often see a standard Trabant in need of restoration being advertised for as much as £2k!

    Numberplate is valuable in its own right and goes well with the car. It has tax and MOT of over 6 months.
    Please come and view and test drive in Birmingham.
    Buyer collects/drives away. I take most forms of payment but definitely NOT PayPal.
    Please text me on +44(0)7577200300 if you'd like to discuss and I will call you back.

    You can put the gun down now dear........

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