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    So this morning I was checking out my Facebook and in my newsfeed and then I saw this:

    [​IMG]Trabant 602V by Trabantje601, on Flickr

    I knew it was a Trabi, telling by the taillights, but I had no I idea what type of model it was, until someone commented with the word '602V'. As curious as I was, I googled it and there I found this interesting article:

    "Always contemplated an ATL scenario where Scotland’s rival to the Mini is not the Hillman Imp but essentially a Wartburg-powered Trabant Hatchback built at Linwood with a production run almost as long as the original Mini.
    [​IMG]TRABI-HATCH by Trabantje601, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Trabant 602V by Trabantje601, on Flickr

    Timeline: None in particular
    · Model Name: Galloway 1000 3-door SSS
    · Manufacturer: Galloway Motors
    · Model Type: 3-door Hatchback or 3-door Estate
    · Model Year: 1973
    · Model Lifetime: 1964-1980 (for 2-Stroke variants)
    · Origin: Linwood, Scotland
    · Engine: 993cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine (of Wartburg origin)
    · Power: 55 (or 57) hp / 78 ft lbs (previously 50 hp / 72 ft Ibs) @ 3000 rpm
    · Drivetrain: Front-engined, front-wheel-drive
    · Transmission: 4-speed manual
    · Weight: 600-640kg
    · 0-60 mph: 13-14 seconds
    · Top Speed: 88-95 mph
    · MSRP: £770
    · Number Produced: 790.050
    · OTL Equivalent: Closest would be a 37-45 hp / 50-57 hp 993cc 3-cylinder Wartburg 2-stroke powered version of the stillborn Trabant P-602 V (hatchback) prototype.
    -Note: figures may possibly be an underestimate given the heavier Warburg’s performance with the same 993cc 2-stroke engine-

    In order to bring 6000 jobs to Scotland to offset significant unemployment that resulted from redundancies in the declining shipbuilding industry on the nearby river Clyde, the UK government regional assistance policy provided financial grants to a wealthy socialist-leaning entrepreneur called Edward Reid to build a new computerized car assembly plant on the outskirts of Glasgow in the town of Linwood after the Rootes Group rejected the idea and proceeded to assemble its upcoming Imp / Swallow cars by expanding its existing Ryton plant near Coventry.

    Edward Reid revived the defunct Galloway brand as Galloway Motors and soon inked a deal with East Germany to help develop East Germany’s car industry in return for providing components and knowhow to the Linwood factory. Initially the strike-prone factory produced locally-built versions of the Trabant P-602 V 3-door hatchback / estate called the Galloway 1000 3-door / Wagon powered by a Wartburg-sourced 45-57 hp 993cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine before the 993cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine was finally dropped in 1980 with updated post-1980 models receiving a 60 hp 1191cc 3-cylinder 4-stroke petrol and 34 hp 1103cc 3-cylinder diesel engines until production finally ceased in 2000.

    The 50-57 hp Galloway 1000 3-door SSS was a rather curious nippy rival to the likes of the 55 hp Chrysler Imp Sport (built at Coventry and since converted to Front-engined FWD featuring a hatchback with the engine now uprated to 928cc) and 60 hp Austin Mini Classic 1000GT (featuring 3-door hatchback or split-tailgate, Overhead Cam A-Series units, interconnected Hydragas suspension, front-mounted radiator / electric fan, etc) with the Galloway’s 2-Stroke engine being an considered an asset by some in terms of performance and a liability by others in terms of emissions until it was replaced by a 60 hp 1191cc 3-cylinder 4-stroke petrol from 1980.

    Alongside the Autobianchi Primula, the Galloway 3-door also has the distinction of being one of the first smaller cars to feature a hatchback.

    Though many Scots took to the Galloway cars to the point where they would become Scotland's national car despite the nippy and agile reputation within Scotland it was still considered the butt of jokes by the English as a smoky Scottish Communist Ersatz-Mini made of Cotton."

    This just made my day. :)
    Anyone else who knew about this model?
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    I had seen photos of that hatchback model but thought it was a concept car. Did not know 2000 were actually built.

    This sounds a lot like the DeLorean car that was built for the US market in Northern Ireland. The only funding John Delorean could get was from the British government only if he built the cars in Northern Ireland where unemployment was high. Well we all know how that went over.

    But if you missed the boat back in the eary 80s, you can buy either a refurbed model or one built from NOS parts from a guy in Texas:

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    Had heard of a Trabant 603 Concept Car with a hatchback BUT it bore No resemblance to 601, which I found to be better looking. I had wondered what happened to "602" - Guess THIS is It! Never imagined the Scots would acquire Design & Production Rights. WEIRD!!
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