1. Fredo

    Fredo Newbie

    Hello @all,

    I just discovered the Trabant Forums yesterday via a post in the "Pappenforum" – like some others it seems also did, at least I recognize their names ;) I thought it was a great idea to create a platform for international Trabant owners, so I registered right away.

    As you see, my name is Fredo, some of you may know me as Freddy. I'm a passionate Trabant owner since a couple of years now, since I had started with a Simson Schwalbe scooter (still in my possession. I needed a car I could transport my double bass with, and which was easily repairable. After a year and a half of unsuccessful search, I bought my 1982 Universal, that I am partially restoring at the moment after two long years of daily driving. A 1989 601 L is also waiting to be refreshed (always wanted a light blue saloon – just couldn't resist!).

    Living in Western Germany and having no family up east, I often needed a forum to help myself. So I hope I can contribute a little bit to help those who are still more far away!


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