1. skoda

    skoda Newbie

    I got this kit when I was in Germany once but I never got around to building it and it's been sitting on the shelf for years so I decided that someone here is more likely to get some fun out of it than me.

    Everything is still in the plastic wrap. Comes with glue and paint and a brush - the glue is still fluid, I can hear it when I shake the bottle, don't know about the paint. Also a set of decals and rubber tires.

    $50 plus $10 for shipping. Buy it and I'll donate $10 to the forum.

    Pics here https://imgur.com/a/fYFhgz4


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  2. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    Wow. Compared to what everyone else is asking for them on eBay, that's actually a pretty good price. Tripled in price over the last few years.
  3. skoda

    skoda Newbie

    Yah, I actually want to sell it not just show it off like others.

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