1. Thinsid

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    Look at the number of customised VW Beetles, a huge percentage have been lost to the "Classic Car" world. Where I live it is now almost impossible to get an original one. Once (Many years ago!!) an almost mint Beetle could be had for around £700 - 750, now any old dodgy one that can crawl through the MOT Test (IF you find one) is at least £3000.
    NOW calculate the Total Trabant production as a percentage of the Beetle production and you can see why I'm worried about the loss of the Trabbi!

    What about the Sachsenring P240, a VERY rare DDR product! The figure I have (CAN'T guarantee accuracy!) for the Total Production is 3,404 vehicles* would we want to see a percentage of these radically altered? Especially since a few were used as police cars so could have been severely damaged / written off in service.
    * 3,250 saloons (sedans) / 150 estates (wagons) / 4 convertibles
  2. trabant601

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    I bet all of the P240s are spoken for these days and doubt any would be customized. It has to do with the numbers, as you state. 3,000 examples produced means find one and keep it as is, 3,000,000 and there are some still to spare. However, destruction of huge quantities took place as an official government initiative (they did a subsidized trade in deal like our USA cash for clunkers flop) after reunification and now, who knows how many are left. I once had the chance to buy a P240 that was shown to me in a garage in Dresden. They knew it was rare. I also passed on a P70 once. I could have afforded it in $ but not time. It was, as you say, dodgy. For that matter so was the P240 but all the rarer. I am happy I am preserving some of mine in some form. I may do one to make it more utilitarian for my needs but the others will remain. I have 8 in the fleet.

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