1. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Has your Trabant ever taken you on an extended journey, far away from home?
    No set distance is implied here, only trips further than your usual comfort zone.

    Because Trabant Companions often care very much about the well-being of their Trabis, this includes trips where the Trabant is carried around on a trailer like a helpless SHOW CAR.
    Obviously, no Trabi Companion would do such a thing because of reliability, comfort or safety concerns. :lol:

    So where did you go?
  2. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Wisconsin Dells.
    Somebody had better stick a red pin in the map!

    Mein Gott! That's over 300km (186miles) from Chicago!
    340km door-to-door from my house to my friends house, to be exact.

    Yes, I drove the whole way,
    Yes, it was scary.
    Yes, it was noisy.
    Yes, I had a "plan "B".
    Yes, it was Worth It! :D :D :D :D :D

    I left early yesterday, Friday, a day late because things were just too hectic up there.
    I came back early this morning, a day early due to likelihood of incoming bad weather.
    So it was just one day, but a great one!

    My 1-car parade has a new endurance record! My normal commute is about 50-60km each way, but 340km all at once?

    Well, OF COURSE it'll make it! Problems are for complicated cars! :lol:

    It wasn't the most comfortable road trip I've been on, but it was far from the worst. Riding a truckload of Trabants back from the port in Texas with the worlds bumpiest rental truck.... THAT was the worst!

    So it all went uneventfully, with only one mechanical casualty.... my right-side headlight lens took a stone hit and cracked. But I've got spares!
    Oh, that and I ran out of fuel, but I had 4L extra in the trunk and was trying to see how far Reserve lasts. (about 60km at 90km/h) :oops:

    As usual, the Trabi was a hit everywhere, even on the freeway. We took lots of pictures but not enough.
    Surprise! Dells has a few ex-Eastern Bloc people that know the car and were extremely surprised to see one pop up over there.

    Over 700km in less than 26 hours! A new Record! For what, I'm not saying. ;)

    Keri's Trip Kalculations:

    The trip up was restrained by work zone speed limits of 45mph and 55mph for over 100km, it was mostly daylight (headlights off) and there was no wind. Total time: 3 hours, 40min for an average speed of 92km/h or 57mph
    I travelled 323km before having to switch to reserve fuel and top off was 6.1 gal / 23 liter after 340km / 211mi for a consumption of 6.7L/100km or 35.1mpg if I'm figuring it right.

    The trip back was a little hard on fuel. This started at 4am, lights on, non-stop 105km/h driving over hilly terrain, into a moderate headwind. It was basically wide-open throttle operation under unfavorable conditions.
    Reserve was necessary at 247km and all fuel gone at 314km, just a few km from a favorite gas station!
    Fortunately, I followed the recommendations about having a full 5L fuel can in the trunk on extended journeys in the Operator's manual. Worst-case consumption at full throttle, full speed: 8.2L/100km or 28.6mpg

    It was 3 hours, 40 minutes again! 92km/h / 57mph average including a get the gas out of the trunk event and a gas station stop time penalty.

    Crazy? Reckless? Possibly, but I know a lightly-loaded motor when I see one. It's also ridiculously simple, so problems relating to excess complication (oil pressure, valvetrain, coolant temperature, etc..) won't occur.
    This thing can, and has, run continuously at full power with no ill effect. It's a good idea to back off the throttle for a second from time-to-time at high speed though... this will improve lubrication.

    Pictures on the way as soon as I can upload a few....
  3. Does a 1000 mile round trip to Scotland and back count ? When we set out... I thought it was 'outside my comfort zone' by the time we were at Berwick On Tweed... I knew we were going to make it.
  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I would say that definitely constitutes out of your comfort zone. I'll bet that was a beautiful drive though.
  5. Nigel B

    Nigel B Newbie

    I used to import bulk Trabs back in the 90's. I had a good friend living in western Germany -who would put small wanted ads in free papers. He was deluged.
    Approx every fortnight 5 of us would drive out in a large towcar, spend Saturday preparing 4 to drive back with a 5th on an A frame. The cars would each be filled with spares (from broken munters).

    Late Sunday we would start the long schlep back to Ostend (nearest ferry then) , stopping at each border point to take lots of photos (DVLA needed proof then that they were personally imported).
    Each was quickly sold on, for enough profit to make an enjoyable fun trip every other weekend.

    We broke every silly law in the book, regularly stopped, occasionally towed, but we were young & foolish -and the Germans then wanted them all GONE!

    I still have a few rarities- kept for me.
  6. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Nigel B, that sounds like some great times. It would have been pretty cool to first hand see all the changes then, plus take all their cars.

    I have to ask, what rarities did you keep and do you have any pictures you could share from those days of driving the cars back from East Germany?
  7. Keri

    Keri Leader

    A short trip to Hobart Indiana!
    Barely more than my normal commute, I went to visit Eric, Trabant 601.

    I got to meet Eric's wonderful family and see the fleet of Trabants.

    But I only took photos of Otto!

    IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0988.jpg
  8. Keri

    Keri Leader

    From Hobart...
    Straight to Wisconsin Dells again!
    It seems that the Dells has been plagued by counterrevolutionaries and they had a bit of a relapse.

    So, Comrade Trabi demanded that we return and re-Collectivize the Dells. How could I refuse?

    This time we must have had an effect because shortly after we arrived there was a giant CRASH!
    Wouldn't you know it... the Bourgeoise threw the entire WHITE HOUSE at us!
    As Comrade Trabi is used to this sort of thing we easily dodged out of the way and it missed us by THAT MUCH.


    So anyhow, we made friends with Seymour the Dinosaur*, who had been locked in the X-files room since Roswell.
    Comrade Seymour was delighted to see a fine Socialist Car for the first time since his UFO crashed.



    * contrary to popular belief, UFOs are usually piloted by dinosaurs** like Seymour. Those little green (or sometimes grey) comrades are the inflight caterers.
    ** Dinosaurs are not native to Planet Earth. It seems that a long time ago, Earth was not yet recorded in their star charts and many of their ships crashed straight into the Earth, burying the occupants after the ships vaporized on impact. This is why dinosaur bones are usually deep underground. Comrade Seymour, an especially skilled pilot, was one of the very few survivors.
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  9. Keri

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    More Trabi in the Dells pix

    IMG_4998.jpg IMG_5043.jpg IMG_5052.jpg IMG_5085.jpg IMG_5102.jpg IMG_5110.jpg

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  10. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    The farthest I have ever been in my Trabbi so far is 40 miles from home! I'm tempted to drive it 400 miles to DC to the parade of Trabants but that would take ages. Lots of hills to climb up I-81 so I know there is no way I could maintain a top speed of 62 mph. But the speed limit on I-81 is 65 mph anyway and that road is crawling with Virginia state troopers so you don't dare go above the speed limit.

    I did however drive my 1980 Fiat Spider to the out skirts of New York City, where Orange County Choppers (Fishkill, Poughkeepsie area) is located before they became famous. That was back in 1996. About a 1400 mile round trip. Driving an old Fiat through New York City, now that was scary!

    Atlanta and Nashville are about the largest cities I care to drive anything through!
  11. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    I think the type of road is a factor too. I've done a 100 mile roundtrip to Fermoy in Cork for a show, which was mostly local and back roads (a cross country route), so it was well with the car's comfort zone. Max speed on our local routes is 80kmh/50mph, and most of the way was twisty (read: entertaining, I love corners!), so I wasn't holding anyone up (in fact, my only delay was when I was stuck behind few dawdlers out in the boonies)

    On Saturday I took a trip into Limerick city on the motorway, which was a much shorter journey (about 30 miles), but it seemed to take forever
  12. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Oh, and as the kids say:


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  13. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    They have one of those upside down houses in Pigeon Forge, TN and Myrtle Beach, SC. I think it's called House of Wonders or something. I've been in the one in TN but unless you are a kid, I wouldn't recommend it for entertainment if you are just an adult (unless you are taking your kids). Like Chucky Cheese.

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