1. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    We are in the works of doing a second T-Shirt - Stay tuned for updates.

    What I can tell you at this point, is my plan is for it to be a black t-shirt and possibly have the option of other color shirts.

    If you have any ideas on what YOU would like to see for a shirt, please post it here. I would appreciate the feedback.
  2. John Keane

    John Keane Comrade

    Awesome. I missed this last time.....
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Well we just have to make sure that doesn't happen again this time :)
  4. RHFabrications

    RHFabrications Loyal Comrade

    I could well be interested in a shirt. I suggest black with white motif and simple design.
  5. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    That is kind of what I am thinking about this go around.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Yip I also like the white motif on black idea....

    Just some other ideas to throw into the ring:

    (map on the back with location of members, ignore the mismatched "forums.com", I don't have the trabant logo font on my work computers)

    This is really rough, I want to find some better exploded views... I was thinking of an emergency T-shirt in case you need to do on road repairs.....
  7. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I really like where you're going with this. I am liking the exploded view too. I can also email you the sites logo to play with. I am thinking inverted colors, black with a white design..... I'll send the email now.
  8. John Keane

    John Keane Comrade

    i 'm liking this......
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Sorry I haven't made any progress on this since the last post... Work has only just got back to normal after 3 months of 60-100hr weeks... and now I am moving house...

    Should be able to get some progress on them the week after next...
  10. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    No worries Andrew, I am a firm believer in "Life Happens" meaning that no matter what you have planned often times more pressing issues tend to get in the way.

    I do have an exploded view of the car on the facebook page that might work well too.
  11. Len B

    Len B Puttering Along

    It would be cool to list the Major poins of a Trabant in a row on the back. Put Trabant on top and list the points under it
    > 26HP
    >2 Stoke
    >2 Cylinder
    > Duroplast body
    >Bing Bing Bing 0-60 21 seconds
  12. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    That is a good idea. I just need to find some time to sit down and get a shirt designed, priced out and pre-sold. :)

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    I have a great Trabi shirt. Has a pic of a Trabi and says "Maener aus Stahl fahren Autos aus Pappe" , "Men of steel drive cars of cardboard."
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  14. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Any idea if there is a specific t-shirt template/format to use?
  15. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I have a blank template I used on the last one. Want me to send it to you?
  16. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    yeah that would be great
  17. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I'll get it to you once I get to work :)
  18. Brian Krustchinsky

    Brian Krustchinsky Loyal Comrade

    Please send me that blank T-shirt form I would like to work on a T-Shirt, I would like to do one with all the Trabbi model linned up across the front
  19. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    @BrianKrustchinsky Did I ever send this to you?
  20. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I like the black shirt (the logos).

    I'd like to make or find a T-shirt with the artwork of a Trabant busting through the Berlin Wall on the front and the rear of the car on the back.


    Here's the rear. Flickr won't allow me to insert the link of the photo.


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