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    Only 496 built and still too few orders so they stopped. These pics were taken in 1997 when I drove this car at a friends wedding. The focus was on the people then but you can still see the car. It was 100 percent then and still is. I found it last week, same owner, he keeps it in his garage. That is me in the red KDs, that was my style then. (this car is not modified, this is how it was made in the factory)
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    IMG_5010.JPG IMG_5011.JPG IMG_5014.JPG IMG_5015.JPG Here is the same car now. It has never been registered and very seldom driven (only ever on red temporary-transfer plates, as seen in the other pictures). Again, this is a Sachsenring GMBH product, not a post production conversion.
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    Wow, great share! I have never seen anything like that. In pictures or otherwise.
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    Isn't that engine from wartburg 1.3 or something diferente? Can you pickture the engine from down? I interested to see how lookes like.
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    VW 1043cc, (Polo engine)

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