1. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I did a big order with them. Prices and parts seemed very reasonable. Only complaint I have so far is very slow shipping (It took them 2 weeks to get the order out after I ordered) and communication was slow as well.

    I will keep you posted one everything finally arrives.
  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    All the parts finally arrived 2 days ago on Saturday - Everything looks good so far. I have started to reassemble the engine. I have been cleaning it, replaced the rotary valves and put the new pistons in the freshly honed cylinders. So far the only complaint I have was it took them over 2 weeks to get the order out. Other than that, I am so far happy with the quality of parts I see.

    As I get it more and more together I will keep you updated/
  3. Keri

    Keri Leader

    I'm on my 2nd Trabantwelt order.

    They shipped both orders same day and the parts arrived in about 3 weeks. This is consistent with stuff I've bought from other ex-Soviet countries, even quite a bit on the fast side.

    Trabantwelt has been faster than LDM for us.

    You said they took 2 weeks to ship the order? Or is that how long it took to arrive?

    If they waited 2 weeks to ship, it's almost always because they're waiting for payment to clear.
    This is common in other countries because once you send the item(s) out of the country, there's no recourse. They want to make sure they've got the money first.
    I used PayPal both times and the order got marked as shipped within hours.

    Have fun with those parts! :D
  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    They took 2 weeks to ship. As I understand it, they were waiting in something to come in. After that it took about 2 weeks to arrive.

    I also used PayPal so payment was immediate. So far I am overall happy with everything. I've been reassembling.
  5. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I ended up having to order a few more things for my car. I accidentally broke a set of rings when installing the piston (The rings spun and when the compressor compressed them, they broke on the notches in the piston)

    I talked to Trabi-Welt just now and everything I am ordering should go out today.

    Very nice to deal with and their English is pretty good too.
  6. Keri

    Keri Leader

    My 3rd order arrived from Trabantwelt.......

    This is the "fun" order. Now that I've got the Trabi in reasonable running order, I felt that maybe the Trabi needed some playful stuff.

    First and most important, the toilet paper cover! :lol: This is a crochet masterpiece that allows you to disguise a roll of emergency TP as a hat and proudly display it in the rear window shelf. Be prepared!
    Collect the whole set! Mine is red.

    Next, an adaptor for the stackdose power outlet. Now I can charge stuff from the Trabi! Or maybe charge the Trabi from my cellphone.

    I always wanted a Celcius thermometer. Now I've got one stuck on the Trabi dashboard. Wow, it gets hot in here! 35℃ is hot, right?

    Next, a reprint Operator's Manual and authentic "KZF-Dokumentation" plastic portfolio complete with graph paper pad and a German pencil. (no eraser!)
    BTW, the manual appears to be for an '87 era 12v car, a most useful edition as many older cars were upgraded in many ways. It's way more relevant than my crusty old '82 edition.
    It also has "www.trabantwelt.de" printed inside! :D

    Then there was some boring stuff like taillight lenses, rubber hood bumpers, heater duct, high beam/low beam dipper relay... The usual practical stuff that makes the car go.

    As usual with trabantwelt, shipping was fast and well packaged with some completely intact, neatly folded sections of a local Zwickau newspaper and a couple of trabantwelt pens as a bonus.
    The Zwickauer zeitung Freie Presse! Or maybe Freie Presse Zwickauer Zeitung? Cool!

    Danke, alles Super! :D
  7. Hanni

    Hanni Puttering Along

    Thanks for the tip Keri! How to keep my GPS charged has been a problem for me. Didn't know anyone made adapters. :)

  8. Keri

    Keri Leader


    My crazy friend, the one that brought my Trabi over just got the rest of his huge order in.

    Trabantwelt shipped promptly, and half of the order arrived within a month but the other half got sent back by the shipper, being marked "too dangerous" (heavy?)

    Why? It contained a Trabant motor!
    Poor Trabantwelt had to ship it out all over again, this time having removed the cylinders and pistons and shipping it in two pieces with new cylinder base gaskets.
    As a bonus, they threw in a reprinted copy of the repair manual, presumably to help with re-assembly, and some gasket compound.
    Packaging was excellent as usual with everything complete and undamaged.

    To anyone that feels that this is unacceptable:
    Trabantwelt did quite well here, having probably never shipped something as heavy as a motor to the USA.
    This sort of incident is common with international shipping, especially with things like car motors or stuff that could possibly be used for smuggling.
    Some official somewhere felt the need to exert their authority and there it goes, marked "Return To Sender".

    To trabantwelts great credit, they didn't just give up, refund the money and give up like many companies would have.

    While I was there, we placed a new order for new Comrade Chairperson Pins* for my car and a Comrade Chairperson Cylinder** repair kit amongst other things for his car, which is still in the Body Shop!

    * In Fascist regimes, a Comrade Chairperson Pin is usually known as a "King" Pin.
    ** In Fascist Regimes, a Comrade Chairperson Cylinder is often known as a "Master" Cylinder. Such foul and offensive terminology from Our Barbarous Past!
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    I sent an email to trabantwelt beginning of last week asking about shipping costs, but haven heard back...
    anyone else experience really slow email response?

    I assume they speak english? or should I send a new email in German (I can get a mate at work to translate)
  10. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Well, Trabantwelt doesn't seem to have an English section.....
    You went there, they didn't come here!

    Anytime you're dealing with a business in a non-English speaking country that doesn't have an English website you can expect long response times to queries made in English.

    Try this:
    Take the email you sent, paste it into Google Translate, translate it to German and then copy the translation back into Google Translate and translate it back to English.
    You'll probably get a mess!

    It's best to keep sentences very short and direct. This sentence could be reduced to : Keep sentences short.

    And separate sentences into separate paragraphs.

    You might even want to send your message in both languages using Google Translate... Just do the double check, as above.



    Wir sind in Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Wie viel würde die Versandkosten für diesen Artikel sein?

    Art-Nr. 12345, Menge: 1, Drehzahlmesser
    Art. Nr. 67890, Menge 3, Luftfiltereinsatz

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


    We are in Chicago, Illinois, USA

    How much would the shipping charges be for these items?

    Art no. 12345, Quantity 1, Drehzahlmesser
    Art No. 67890, Quantity 3, Luftfiltereinsatz

    Best Regards,

    Good Luck!
  11. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I thought ahead and had the guy ship an extra engine and transmission when I purchased mine! Knowing shipping an engine or transmission over here was going to cost out the nose.

    What I ordered last from LDM back in November or Decemeber is still sitting in a box in my garage waiting to be installed! As well as other bits and pieces I've been collecting for several months. My wife got me an electronic ignition system and my parents bought me a set of tires.

    I just got around to rebuilding the turbo on my Yugo about three weeks ago which has been parked since September in my garage after the oil seal in the turbo finally wore out. Well it did come off a wrecked Saab....

    So that job took me four months to finding the time to do it, 2 to 3 hours to remove the turbo. 2 to 3 hours to rebuild it and another 2 to 3 to install it.
  12. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    If you ever want to part with that engine..... ;)
  13. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    What went wrong with your current engine? I remember you were looking for a replacement engine.

    I would love to transplant a 61hp Arctic Cat 570cc into mine. It looks possible. I haven't investigated if the carbs would conflict with the transverse leafspring.

    The only thing holding me back is time to do it. The Yugo 1500 turbo project took me 2 years to complete.
  14. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I am not sure what is wrong with it....Too many things I suspect. I am probably going to send it up to John Short for a good going through.
  15. Matteo

    Matteo Premium Member Forum Donor

    Recently I had to phone to Trabantwelt because about 30 days ago I bought 2 spare ignition keys and still I have nothing here.
    They didn't reply to my email, so I had to pick up the phone.
    A kind girl will answer you and will speak a good English (for sure better than mine :p). They sent the envelope by normal postal service and not with DHL and now it seems to be lost somewhere.
    After the holidays they will send me again others 2 keys if in the meantime I don't get those already shipped :)
  16. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Can take up to six weeks.
    This seems normal shipping time from ex eastern bloc and soviet countries.

    I suspect foul play at customs. Probably they just want to make the East Side look bad as much as possible.
    Possibly, they're just trying to keep the East Side crushed.

    Or maybe they're suspicious of all packages coming from over there, like maybe they're exporting communism to the oppressed workers of the West?
  17. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

  18. Matteo

    Matteo Premium Member Forum Donor

    Ok, but this is not the first time I buy something from TrabantWelt.
    The difference is the previous times they shipped with DHL and in 3 working days I got the stuff at my door.
  19. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I ordered my brake parts and some other stuff from TrabantWelt. I believe it took about 2 weeks for it to arrive.

    I'm tempted to start doing all my business with Danzer simply because they sent my last order by FedEx and got it in 6 days! DHL can be at least 2 weeks and up 4 weeks.

    I maybe able to email TrabantWelt and ask them if they could send my order through FedEx so I didn't have to wait so long.
  20. aardvark64

    aardvark64 Puttering Along

    Ordered some stuff five weeks ago from them and still waiting (would normally expect 2-3 weeks to the UK). They haven't replied to an email (in my bestest German) asking what's happening.

    Trabi is grounded as a result: very lonely and unloved...

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