1. Hanni

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    Hi all!

    I've recently become interested in Trabants serving the different state departments of the DDR, how these were used and what they looked like.
    It's a tricky question, I find, given the many creative conversions done to Trabis after the Fall of the Wall, throwing me for a loop.

    For example, I have been able to positively confirm that the NVA used Trabant Kübels, and the East German postal service used both Kombi and Limousine Trabis. However, I've also seen pictures of Trabant Limousines in NVA colors and markings. Did the NVA actually use the Limousine, or are the ones in existence merely the product of a creative Trabant owner, post 1989?

    So what departments of the East German state used Trabis? The fire department? Police? Others...?
    And what did these look like?

    All the preserved Trabis formerly in service with the Deutsche Post that I've seen have been beige (or papyrus white?), but I recently found this screen grab from the 1970:ies movie "Hallo Taxi":
    I've never seen a postal Trabi with that kind of yellow before. But given it's from a period East German movie, it ought to be legit, right?
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  2. Justin

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    I really like this thread and topic. I'd be interested to find out more and see pictures if anyone has any.
  3. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    I have also seen the NVA limousine on a picture. But I really don't know if this is original or faked post 1989.

    The Trabants of the East German Post service I've ever seen were all white. Nice picture of the yellow one!

    There was also a "panel-van"-version:

    I think, the railway services "Deutsche Reichsbahn" could also have owned Trabants as service cars.

    In Hungary, there were a lot of Trabants in the fleet of "Magyar Autoklub" (roadway repair service).

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  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    phi great share. I wouldn't mind having one of those panel vans.
  5. Hanni

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    Indeed, great finds! I had no idea that a panel van existed.
    Now we can also conclude that postal service Trabis came in atleast three different colors: papyrus-white, yellow and light gray.

    Speaking of which, I found absolutely lovely pictures on the site for Frankfurt's Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation.

    A period photo of a yellow postal Trabi, along with it's driver. 1970:ies.

    Another picture of the panel van, dated 1968.

    Thank you for the tip about Trabis serving the Deutsche Reichsbahn, phi!
    The only pictures I could find of those were 1/87 scale toys to go with Märklin tracks, but there must be a photo of a real one out there, somewhere...
    The search continues.
  6. Justin

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    I'm liking the progression of this thread, let me see if I can find anything to add :)
  7. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    The panel-vans were quite popular in the late sixties (a lot were exported to the Netherlands and other countries) and it seems that some of them were used by the police.

    You can find a lot of information about the panel-vans by googling for "Trabant Lieferwagen".
    f.e. http://www.trabi-welt.de/html/body_trabant_601_lieferwagen_fi.html

    Picture of a "Polizeiruf 110" (popular detective series in the east german TV)

    A special Trabant-Version for the railways is this one:

    further informations under: http://translate.google.com/transla...e=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=www.schienentrabi.de&act=url

    An other service of the state company who might have used some Trabants, was the east german TV "Fernsehen der DDR". At least the sandman was driving different Trabant models, e.g.
    Sandmaennchen_Trabi.jpg :D
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  8. Giacomo601

    Giacomo601 Newbie

    Being a postman of the Italian Post, I would like to post here a coulple of pictures of the official Trabant Kombi used by the East German Post Service (Deutsche Post). A friend of mine who lives in the former ex GDR sent me these pictures:
    Posttrabi01.jpg Posttrabi02.jpg
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  9. Justin

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    Giacomo601 I moved these photos here, I hope that is OK, I know Hanni has been trying to find pictures of Trabant's used for government purposes. If you have anymore, please post them.
  10. Hanni

    Hanni Puttering Along

    Excellent pictures! Thank you both!
    Interestingly, it appears to be a Lieferwagen without the old style emblem.

    In the meantime, I have gone through a dead-tree book about the Trabi which revealed something very interesting. I'll get back to that when I can confirm...
  11. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    You've peaked my interest :)
  12. Giacomo601

    Giacomo601 Newbie

    Thank you Justin for moving the picture in the correct forum section. Well at the moment I do not have any other picture regarding the Trabant vehicles used by the GDR government. Actually, the friend of mine who sent me these pictures told me that the Trabants which look like Police and Fire cars are nowadays fake: both police and fire didn't use Trabant as official cars, they used Wartburg instead.
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  13. 60chevyjim

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    wow that trabant van is just what I want .. too cool
  14. Thinsid

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    Re In-Service Trabants:

    As far as I am aware there Were police Trabis both Volkspolizei AND Feldjaeger (Military Police). The former were in regular Vopo colours, the latter in military green with black painted standard radiator grille.
    Don't know about the Feuerwehr (Fire Service) - Possibly as official transport for Higher ranks?
    NVA used kubels but Not regular bodied cars.
    Post: the yellow colour is news to me. Most I've come across were grey, but am aware of an "off-white" sort of colour
    SMH (Paramedic Vehicles) / DRK (Official Red Cross in the DDR) Very unlikely! Wartburgs Larger and Faster

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