1. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Puttering Along

    I went to see the movie "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy yesterday. There was a scene where she was in Hungary and tried to steal a Trabant Combi. She shattered a window with the intention of hot wiring it, but decided to steal a BMW instead. Very funny movie.
  2. DaveinOz

    DaveinOz Aussie Trabant Nutter Forum Donor

    I saw that movie too with my wife and was expecting some sort of hilarious trabi chase scene... oh well.
  3. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    I just saw that last night, it really was funny, I too was ready for some Trabi chase scene action, must go and see The Man From UNCLE!

    Question for the group then, would you risk letting a movie stunt man use your car in a chase scene? I think it would be worth the wear and tear for the glory of seeing Rosie on the big screen!
  4. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    They buy the cars they use for stunts because they have to modify them with rollbars and stuff, plus they usually end up kaputt.
  5. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    yep as a hero car maybe as a stunt car. nooooooooo cause most never make it they trash a ton for a short scene
  6. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    I went to see the man from uncle film today. Very good very funny and some good action sequences. The only bit that was disappointing is the car chase seen with the trabi. The bit you see in the film trailer is pretty much it. If you look closely you can see it's a 1.1 L Trabi done up to look like a old two stroke. But I would definitely recommend going to see the film, and you do get to see some great cars.
  7. It's definitely not a two-stroke air-cooled, as steam rises from the front after a crash... :) Good chase though !
  8. czechnology

    czechnology Smoking Along

    Here are Trabis in the Czech movies:

  9. hunterknox

    hunterknox Premium Member Forum Donor

  10. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

  11. Neil

    Neil Newbie

    What about "Go Trabi, Go!"?
    Even though it's all in German, it's still a really funny film. Even with my very basic German, I could understand some of the dialogue. :)
  12. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    In 'company business ' with Gene Hackman there is a street scene with one. They are looking for a getaway car. The first car had a alarm, so no good. The next was a Trabi. He asks the guy with him" Is it alarmed", which the guy quickly responds " Only if you frighten it!"...
  13. Andrew353w

    Andrew353w Puttering Along

    Bloody hell, just HOW did you manage to persuade her to accompany you to the cinema.....?
  14. Andrew353w

    Andrew353w Puttering Along

    Ah.... Sorry, another example of English and American grammar not quite lining up!
  15. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Puttering Along

    It was six years ago according to my post. She was not nearly so famous then.
  16. toni_18674

    toni_18674 Newbie

    Hello, does anyone know what the name of the movie is when two twin brothers appear, one lives in the GDR and the other in the FRG and they exchange to the surprise of their respective women?

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