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  1. Lotsokids

    Lotsokids Loyal Comrade

  2. Lotsokids

    Lotsokids Loyal Comrade

    Click the thread for the link...
  3. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    mbeamish was complaining about the shitty quality of reproduction exhaust systems these days. My Trabant seems a little loud but I'm not sure if that's the nature of the best or it's rotted out. I'm lucky I have a really good muffler shop here in town that does an excellent job at fabricating custom exhaust systems. They can usually build a custom exhaust system for around $100. Cheaper than what it would cost to buy and ship one already made.

    I considered buying one of these mufflers for a Ford 800 tractor to put on my Trabant.


    That same shop installed a universal muffler and a 2.25" system on my Yugo. It's a little louder than stock (I guess because it's larger) but the car screams now. 2.25" may seem like overkill for a 1500cc 110 HP engine but now with very little back pressure, the car will spin the tires in 2nd gear at full throttle and 7 lbs of boost! Anybody that says turbos need backpressure is full of crap.

  4. Lotsokids

    Lotsokids Loyal Comrade

    I actually installed a small Wartburg muffler yesterday. It sounds a lot better, and still loud, but not obnoxious.

    It's # 3013 in this picture:
  5. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Are you no longer in Hungary then? Where are you living that you can just rip off the exhaust system of your car?
  6. Lotsokids

    Lotsokids Loyal Comrade

    Yes, still living in Hungary. Technical inspection passes a few months ago, so that's good for two years. Did this simply because I wanted to. :cool:
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  7. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Loving the centre exit exhaust, like the old Cherry Bombs you'd get on a Mini!
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  8. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I saw this guy on North woods law (google it) get sited by a Maine ranger for attaching a can on the end of the exhaust on his snowmobile. Supposed to make more noise. I think it causes some sort of echo effect. I may have to try it!

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