1. kbogar

    kbogar Smoking Along

    RARE 1964 Kombi - Weiss - Veteran restored in Europe by the Trabant Club of the Netherlands and imported into the US 18 years ago. Street legal in CA - can provide VIN number and current registration to interested buyers. Has been garaged since we brought the car from Europe in its own container. Has not been driven for appx. fifteen years. Selling "as is". Located in Northern California. Pricing TBD. We want a happy home for "Igle" the Trabi.
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  2. BillB

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    Welcome to our forum.
    We all would love to help you find a new owner for your Trabi.
    I would suggest a touch more info about "Igle" like......
    Some photos (the more the merrier)
    Asking price is helpful.
    Mechanical condition
    Storage type/condition (15 years is a long time for a Trabi to be parked).
    6v or 12v
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  3. RogerDerSchrauber

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  4. Mithras

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    Sent a PM to the seller. Hopefully there will be a response. If I learn anything, I'll certainly pipe up.

  5. Mithras

    Mithras Puttering Along Moderator

    Sad to say that I've received no response, and that the seller has not, apparently, logged in in some time.

  6. BillB

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    I've left a PM as well on December 15, no reply.
    I did see that kbogar last logged in on January 10.
    I'm guessing he got the email notification from the PM.
    The other possibility is that they couldn't figure out how to get/read PM's (OPS)
    But then again, it's easy to read a thread that one has started!
    I gotta think it's a dead end, sorry.
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  7. Mithras

    Mithras Puttering Along Moderator

    You are likely right. Was worth a try! Have been at it hard, but no luck with CA friendly cars so far.

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