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    It apparently is still for sale. Rolf buys Trabants, uses them for world trips, then leaves them where and when he’s done. There’s one of his out west in the USA someplace, in front of a trading post. The vehicle apparently hasn’t run or been registered for a very long time. Might need the brakes and fuel tank replaced after so long. But it comes with the Dachzelt... worth the price alone.
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    Yeah, the Dachzelt is great! Something very unique are the painted images on the side, they were done at the "Documenta" art show in Kassel by a famous painter. The Documenta is a very big deal in Germany in the art world, and those murals add a whole new dimension to the car. I was considering this car before I found the one I ended up buying here in the US.
    The owner is very willing to work on price, and would even consider some kind of publicity deal to get support for the freight costs.

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