1. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    My stock 601 seems to have a good bit of torque steer. Hit the gas it goes right, let off it goes left.

    It is if nothing else consistent.

    Am I the only one?

    Maybe the chassis is a bit soft and twisty?
  2. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    That smacks of wear in one or more of the suspension/steering joints bushes. Examine and fix accordingly.
  3. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    Probably in the front right bushings then. They seemed fine, I replaced the left side stuff though.

    Should have done it all at once, just really wanted to get it going!
  4. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    Took a good look at it.. All of the bushings are tight, and with no play. Like a new car!

    Me thinks it is a combination of:

    The rack has up and down play in the extendable part. Other trabi has the same play..

    The way I sit, and or the thick rim of the sport wheel( always have to drive with two hands on it-)takes way to much force than a normal manual steering car.

    To me, the way the wheel turns, seems dinky-like a golf cart! Not at all sooth, and fluid. Yes it was greased, and the play was adjusted. Maybe it is worn out, or was always like this.

    A bigger, thin rimmed wheel would help a good bit. Can't think of any thin rim old wheels, that take a pin to hold them on.

    Not a fan at all of the sport wheel.
  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    This kind of sounds like an issue with one of the tie rod ends. Does it do this under hard braking?

    My Fiat Spider was doing this. It would go in one direction or the other when I'm stomp on the gas but as well when I hit the brakes. The passenger side tie rod was worn but just a millimeter or 2. Not enough to where I could actually see it.

    Wrap your entire hand around the joint and have something turn the steering wheel. If it's worn you can feel it move around.
  6. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    Braking doesn't seem to bother it either way. When turning the wheel, you can see the toothed shaft move a bit up and down(to take up the slack) in the rack housing. The other crap trabi outside is exactly the same too.

    I've found a happy place with it, and have gotten used to it. Really reminds me of how a golf cart drives though...

    Other than that- it does fine. I'm often on the Interstate with it. The worst part about it is, taking off from a dead stop. I think the flywheel, and or presser plate is warped. No point in taking it apart. Maybe when it falls to pieces, next time I'll deal with it! o_O
  7. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    The steering wheel on mine would move left and right when taking off from a dead stop especially in cold weather. In my case greaseing the hinge joints fixed that problem. I know yours has CV joints but wonder if repacking them might do the same thing.
  8. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    While it was all apart, the cv joints got greased. Also the front spring pack. I'm sure a new set of rod ends, and a rack would solve the issue. Starting over fresh usually fixes the problems.

    Just takes a little getting used to( after driving other stuff).
  9. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    Probably grease on it, maybe from the engine or more likely, tranny seal.

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