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    Since buying my Trabant I've been educating myself more about East Germany and the way life was there during the Cold War days. I've also been watching some shows and things about East Germany and many feature Trabants. Below are some things I've seen with Trabants in along with other Eastern Bloc cars.

    1) The Same Sky: Netflix
    This is a great German made Drama which is on Netflix, it was filmed in 2017 and season 2 will be out soon. The show features East Berlin a lot and there are scores of East German vehicles in the show many IFA cars and commercial vehicles.

    2) Deutschland 83: Amazon Prime & Channel 4 in the UK
    You may already be aware of this show, but I thought it's worth mentioning. It's pretty good and again is set on both sides of the wall. There are a lot of interesting vehicles both eastern and western in the show and it's pretty good at demonstrating how people lived back then. The second season, Deutschland 86, is out soon.

    3) Comrade Detective: Amazon Prime
    This is actually set in Romania and is a parody of Communist propaganda against the West. Although it features mainly Dacia and Skoda vehicles there are a few IFA vehicles in the background from time to time. It's a great show too.

    4) The Man From Uncle: Film
    I'm sure we're all familiar with this film but I'm mentioning it anyway. The start of the film is set in East Berlin where an impossible chase takes place involving a Trabant and a Wartburg. There are many Trabants and IFA vehicles parked in the background shots, including mine if I were to believe the historic ebay listing I found for my car before I bought it. Which I don't.

    5) The City and The City: BBC
    This was filmed in Liverpool and Berlin and is based on a book about two fictional places which don't acknowledge one another. There were many Eastern bloc vehicles used in the filming and as I work in Liverpool I got to see many of them being driven around.

    6) Trabant's in Africa:
    Following a group of people in a pair of Trabants driving from Europe to South Africa. It's fantastic to see the little cars working hard and making their way along roads where many dare not travel.

    7) Trabant's vs South America: Amazon Prime
    The second film following the group of people from the African film around South America in a pair of Trabants, a Fiat and a Jowa motorbike. The little cars do really well and it's great to see them on an Adventure.

    Add any films or shows of your own below :) :

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Great list, thanks for posting. I haven’t seen most of these.
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    There is a great series that my wife loves. Its called Budapest: Retro. Its about Hungary not the DDR but its the same time period. They cover all facets of life in that time and have a very interesting segment on driving and the Trabi is featured heavily. Also of course is "Trabant: Cool Coupe from the Cold War" documentary. Lots of good info and perspective in that one too.

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