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    Rescued from a watery grave of 70 + years….

    Fully restored in 83 days!

    A "Трактор Сталинец-65"!*

    titles / subtitles:

    "Мастерская Евгения Шаманского" = Workshop Eugene Shaman
    *"Трактор Сталинец" = Tractor Stalinist, and that's about how it sounds, too.
    "Декабрь 2008" = December 2008
    "Спустя два месяца…" = After two months…
    "Февраль 2009" = February 2009
    "Прошел ещё месяц…" = another month passed
    "Март 2009" = March 2009
    "Реставрация трактора заняла" = Restoration of the tractor took…
    "83 дня" = 83 days

    The top and sides of the radiator area are marked "СТАЛИНЕЦ" = Stalinist**
    The bottom is marked "ДИЗЕЛЬ" = Diesel
    The radiator badge is marked "ЧТЗ" probably for "Четвертых Тракторный Завод" ***= Forth Tractor Factory

    Like many Soviet machines with large Diesel engines, this one has a small engine to start the main one with. That is why the hand crank is off-center.
    Soviet tractors with an electric starter would usually start the starting engine, which was usually able to be started by hand.

    Here's how it sounds without the music****….

    ** Anything marked "Stalinist" was probably destroyed and scrapped during the Khrushchev era, which tried to correct the errors of the past by making an even bigger error…. history revision! The word "Stalin" was ruthlessly erased from everything erasable. This is probably why these tractor are extremely rare.
    *** don't bet on the word endings being correct here…. my Russian Grammar is even worse than my English grammar!
    **** for those that also got this catchy tune stuck in their head, the title is "March of the Jolly Fellows" (Марш Весёдых Ребят), from the movie Jolly Fellows from 1934.
    The lyrics start with…
    "Easy on the heart are the cheerful songs,
    they never get boring, not ever..."
    The refrain, or chorus goes:
    "And those who walk through life with a song,
    Will never and nowhere lose their way"
    probably the only way to get it unstuck from one's head is to learn some Russian and sing along for a bit….
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