1. Justin

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    I wanted to let anyone who didn't know about this book in on it. If you have pretty much any car that is listed on this site, this book has it.

    I received this book as a birthday present last month and read through a great deal of it on a plane ride from Texas to Georgia. I was able to get through a good bit of it because it was a well thought out, interesting and easy read. The book gives a lot of information that will be useful to reference on a regular basis.

    Given that there isn't a whole lot of media in English regarding our little cars, this book outlines and details all of them with a lot of information I wasn't even aware of.

    Anyway, I know you can get it off of Amazon and if Mark would like to chime in, he might be able to let you know of other places it can be purchased.
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  2. bigmark40

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    Thanks for that Justin and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Irish Vintage Magazine covered it this month and gave excellent coverage.

    For anyone wanting a copy in the U.S, then Amazon is your best bet. It's also available on Kindle.
    Anyone in the UK or Europe, you can get it directly from me (personally signed).

    Details are on my blog below and you can email me through there also.


    Mark Telford
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I wanted to remind everyone about this book if you don't already have it.

    It has a lot of great information in it and Mark did a wonderful job on it.
  4. Keri

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    OK, it's on my list of Books To Get.
    My 1st car was one of those 2-cycle SAABs, so it has double meaning for me.

    Now we need a new book, Two-Cycle Cars Of The FUTURE! :D
    I'll probably have to write that one.

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  5. John Keane

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    My dad gave me the book for my birthday last year!.....it's really nice. Great job mark!
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  6. Jon Kjaerulff

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    Just ordered my copy. Looking forward to reading it next week.
  7. Justin

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    Mark is also a member of the forums too! his user name is bigmark40
  8. vdubbin

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    Cough, cough, get this on your Chrimbo lists!
  9. bigmark40

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    I'm going to put some of the content on the forums, so if you haven't read the book it will give you a taste of what it's about and how it reads.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. bigmark40

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    The above 3 chapters are some of the smaller ones in the book. The bigger chapters cover; Trabant, Wartburg, DKW, Barkas/Framo and Saab. Other cars covered include; Suzuki, Subar and Goggomobil.

    There's period roadtests, buyers guides, travelogues of my chasing classic cars in Germany and UK and more. Hope you all enjoy the above.
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  15. vdubbin

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    Thanks very much for sharing those Mark!

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