1. Trabi Tim

    Trabi Tim Newbie

    So it turns out that there was a little known and privately owned motor museum in Stondon in the UK.


    Unfortunately I only found this out the day after it closed down permanently!

    All of the 140+ exhibits are going to be held in two auctions on the 29th of April and the 10th of June this year. There are plenty of interesting and unique vehicles including a Trabant Saloon and ex-NVA kubel, but the items that really caught my eye are a bit more substantial...

    Fancy a Robur 2002 army signals truck with trailer or a Ural semi-truck complete with SAM missile anyone?

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  2. Cold-War-Charlie

    Cold-War-Charlie Von Trabi Forum Donor

    Wow some amazing cars
  3. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Nice find, I spy a Skoda 120 ragtop and a Warty 311.
  4. Trabi Tim

    Trabi Tim Newbie

    I didn't notice either of those, I was a little more fixated by the ex-NVA missile!
  5. jfreakofkorn

    jfreakofkorn Loyal Comrade

    o oops, just posted something similar but a link w/ different photo(s) ...

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