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  1. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Have just got a shed load of parts, along with a new Trabant project, before Christmas...and have now manged to sort through it all, with a view to selling surplus items!
    Used items are electrical, suspension and gearboxes + engine tin wear mainly.
    A lot of dry-stored cylinders and cylinder heads, that would just need honing, or perhaps boring out by a specialist, should you wish to have a larger cc engine??...

    ALSO, **A PAIR OF 3-PORT CYLINDERS AND HEADS**, which allegedly, mu supplier got from the Trabant RALLY WORKS DEPT. AT GOTHA, IN 1990, whwn they were selling off fitments and stock!! (Will need some fettling and for the new owner to get / make, some suitable pistons, to suit!

    Have alot of NEW indicators, lamps, electrical switches, etc.

    If ANYONE'S INTERESTED IN ANYTHING, IN THE U.K.....drop me aline, with your shopping list...and I'll supply pics and/or a quote, incl. carriage, for you.

    Happy New Year to everyone out there!!!!

    Ian (N. E. Somerset, U.K.).
  2. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    hi ian those 3 port heads are sold by ldm tuning at over 850 euros so they should be special,kev
  3. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Hi Kev,

    Good to hear from you!........................................However, NOT in relation to my earlier "post" to you?!!

    Yes,...realise about the 3-port cylinders and heads.....(So serious people had better get in touch, if interested....B4 I put them on the dreaded Ebay, in January '17!!)...

    Can prob. send some pics to interested parties,..if they let me have their email address/es?....


  4. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    im currently rebuilding my engine and have ported my original barrells, the 3 port ones would make an interesting project but will be out of my budget they could make some reasonable power with the right mods
  5. aardvark64

    aardvark64 Puttering Along

    Good to know.

    Have fun in 2017!

  6. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade


    From Bristol I see!...so, not too far from me, as I'm near Shepton Mallet!

  7. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Right....I have found time to photo are fair few of my Trabant 601 items,...mainly ONLY the used ones at this stage,...and have STARTED to put them onto EBAY U.K. this afternoon.
    Ideally, I would like only U.K. Mainland people to bid for them,...however, our friends elsewhere in the world CAN do so,...but, NEED TO ASK ME FOR AN ACCURATE SHIPPING QUOTATION, BEFORE BIDDING!!
    (Please be aware that YOU may well be LIABLE to pay any import charges/taxes that would be incurred, for shipping the item/s into your particular country...You have been warned!).
    There are some "selections" amongst the individual items,....which I will NOT be "splitting", for obvious reasons............(Self-employed, so time is precious, at the moment, I'm afraid).
  8. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Hello Ian

    Just spotted a rally steering wheel on eBay,would this be yours by any chance?
    I would be interested in it. On the picture of the back of the wheel it looks like the rubber has split. Or is it just the way the center cover is fited over it.
  9. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Yes it is mine,...with ALOT of other bits, further to me having a sort out today!!
    Thanks for asking.

    It's in my dark shed at the moment, stored again...but, pretty sure that the rubber is 100%...the only thing to say that I noted, was that there is an internal sprung lip, way up inside, which may have kinked/sprung out of its' retaining groove. However, can't see that this is of any concern, as it fitted the car that it was on o.k.....and didn't squeek/wobble, or similar, prior to me removing it!
  10. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Yep...Just checked the pic., for you!

    The item inside the center of the black shroud, as you can clearly see IS an oil seal, with a spiral spring within it's innermost lip.
    The spring is visible in the upper part of the oil seal center.
    Can't see why it should be an issue though,...as if it was deemed needing replacement/fitting a new one, it would only be a few quid, from a local bearing specialist.
    Hope that helps, with everyone's deliberations?!
  11. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Hi Ian

    I see on eBay that you have a starting bid of £35.00 , would you take £35.00 for it? If so I should be able to collect it in person.
  12. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Hi Austinpowers,

    Thanks for the OFFER, which I WILL ACCEPT, ...provided that you DEFINITELY WANT IT and that no one has actually bid on it at the time that I receive your confirmation and try to remove the item from being listed on ebay! (Only fair,...IF someone HAS bid).
    IF I can cancel the listing, you are welcome to collect and pay CASH for the steering wheel, on that basis.
    Cheers. Ian
  13. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    That sounds fair enough to me, I definitely would like it and could come to collect this weekend if that's okay with you.
  14. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thanks for the prompt reply!...I will now go onto ebay and cancel the item listing.

    Please could you let me have either an email address, or mob. no., so that I can forward you my home address and fine tune collection day and time this weekend, with you.
    Cash upon collection please...and should you wish to buy some other parts, upon your arrival, that would be fine. Bring some additional funds, obviously!!
  15. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Just to confirm...No bids, so was able to CANCEL LISTING OF STEERING WHEEL @ 11.32PM today, for you!

    Look forward to receiving the necessary details requested, from you.
  16. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Have listed all my s/hand parts on ebay uk* website finally this evening.
    Most are on a 3 day listing,...so, if there's anything of interest either have a chat on the forum, or put a bid in and see what happens?!

    (You will find them listed under my member ID, which is "visa1580").

    Most are listed without carriage quoted,...so, if you CANNOT collect from N.E. Somerset, U.K......Then do please ask for an accurate quote to get the item/s to you...IN ADVANCE OF THE END OF THE LISTINGS ENDING/AUCTIONS ENDING!

    Many thanks and hope that these items go to good homes....otherwise they will all be going into a stout crate and emailed as one lot,...as I NEED THE SPACE!!

    Regards, Ian.
  17. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Hi, I'm looking for a P601 12v starter motor in serviceable condition.
  18. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Sorry,...snapped-up in December, I'm afraid.
  19. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    If you look on UK ebay today 01/02/17.....you will see my listing for a HUGE BOX load of USED Trabant parts, listed on the listing, in detail. Crazy low starting price...and collection only due to weight/dimensions*,...or YOU can arrange your own collection & shipping. *(THESE ARE CLEARLY STATED, IN THE LISTING).
    Bargains to be had, in one "job lot".

    Look under member i.d. "visa1580"

    Regards and good luck,..IF of interest, to anyone!

  20. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Hi, Ian. I won the box of stuff on ebay and I've sent you a message through ebay about collection. Please get back to me re this issue either on the forum or ebay.

    Cheers, Steve.

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