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    I'm about to become a Trabi owner. That is to say, I'm soon to take stewardship of one of these little oddities. I mean oddities in the best possible way, but they are unlike anything else on the roads anymore!

    I'm in Ireland, where there were never many of these, and even fewer now. Currently the car is in for an overhaul before I take it on. We tried to get it going last weekend, but neither the previous keeper nor I could figure out how to keep the engine going. The car had been idle for a few months, and while a new battery could sort the spark, neither of us were brave enough to tackle the carb on a wet Saturday afternoon.

    I'm rather surprised to find an Anglophonic site dealing with these, my schoolboy German is enough to negotiate a few of the parts sites, but it's nice to have a chat about these too!

    Here's a photo of him from c. 2007, when he was snapped in my hometown (Limerick)


    And here's a video taken by the previous owners, Seanie O'Knoxville, displaying its overtaking prowess.

    Status threads and general banter to follow!
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    Welcome and I am glad you found us. You are correct about the Anglophonic forums and I am sure you can see we are a pretty limited bunch but get what we need done :)

    Anyway, hopefully you can get the car going this weekend. It could be something as simple as a stuck float or clogged line. Keep us posted as you progress.

    Looks like a nice example car!

    Oh, and don't forget to add yourself to the member map!
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    Anglophonic, rust-ridden and smelling of smoke, we are.
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