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    Hallo all out there,
    My name is Dominick Bartlett, I owned a '84 Trabant 601S last summer when I lived in Hartville, Ohio and I had to depart with it due to more problems than I wanted. It was tough. Since my departure from my Duroplast demon, I grew to miss it more than anything and I have been looking for one since and hope to find one within the next 2-3 years. I bought mine off Adam Benko and even though I have moved on, I just wanted to come forward and apologize to him and to all of you for seeing previous posts on here. I have since become more aware about how a Trabant works and I feel like I am ready for part deux of this 15-year dream. I will be willing to import mine if needed because having connections that speak Deutsch or Hungarian does help in many, many ways. I just want everyone here to know that towards the end of my Trabant ownership, things were tough and again, my apologies to Benko and overall, everyone here on the Forums, my fault or not. Regardless, I want another Trabant in my life because the dream still lives on. I will be willing to spend not a dime over $6,000 on it once saved. Please give me a comment on my YouTube channel Dom's Garage, featuring mostly videos of my 2010 Nissan Versa and stuff or message me here and I will chat with you as soon as I get a chance. I will also be at the 13th Annual Parade of Trabants in DC. See you guys in November!! Thanks! :) 39155832_2165439773702467_8863600338913984512_o.jpg

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