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    I finally received the correct side driveshaft the other day and put everything back together.

    I struggled for over an hour trying to slip the boot over the collar and I think I may ordered or received the wrong boot. Or it could just be a poor fitting bad quality reproduction.

    I cleared out my old emails so I can't go back to find out which part I ordered. I also threw the old boot away because it was chewed up so it's at the bottom of the Hawkins County landfill. I looked at the other side and that boot looks a bit larger.

    I *think* there are only two style outer boots. One fits just the hinge joint models and the other one fits the CV joint models (600 and 1.1) from 1984 and up.

    This boot appears that it would fit if I could slip it over the collar, but it's so tight, it keeps wanted to slip off.

    I've had the driveshafts off the car more than once and the older outer boot was no problem at all to get on and off. I figured it was just worn.

    I sent Phil an email to see if he can tell me if this is the wrong boot. He's a whiz when it comes to these cars. So I'll know for sure when he replies.

    I've got three options:

    1) Order another boot from a different supplier. Once again shipping using DHL is very expensive and slow.
    2) Disconnect the driveshaft and use a CV joint boot stretching tool and leave it in place for a couple of days so it conforms.
    3) Measure the OD of the collar and cut a piece of wood out the slightly larger, insert it into the boot and try to make it conform. Heat it up with a hair dryer prior to make it more pliable.
    4) Find a good used one here in the United States.
    5) Goto NAPA and bug the crap out of those guys looking for a boot from another model that might fit.

    Any of you guys ever installed a new outer hinge joint boot and struggled to get this thing on?
    Its shouldn't be this hard.

    LDM has a much better English version of their page and unlike the others they actually tell you what year of the model the part goes on so I looked to see what they had.

    I may in fact have the correct part. When I got this boot they only send me one band with it. If it was the CV joint version, it would have two bands with it.

    If you look at these photos, there is clearly a difference between the hinge and CV joint type boots.

    Hinge joint type:


    CV joint type:


    The boot I recieved looks nothing like the CV joint type. So why is it so hard to stretch this thing over the collar?

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    After some digging on the internet, looks like I may have found something that will work.

    EMPI part# : 86-2326-D

    EMPI's catalog says it fits a 1999 Chevrolet full size pickup truck, Suburban 4X4 (K1500)

    This part measures 29 mm (small hole), 101 mm (large hole) and 144 mm long. I think it's a bit longer than necessary but that should not matter.

    I found it for $10 (including shipping). If it fits, I'll give more details about it.
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    Here some pictures of an original Pneumant/Kowalit GKT S1-5 Boot vs . a Hungarian (M-0570): IMG_0389.JPG


    With the aid of a lever (screwdriver, hook etc.) it perfectly fits the hub collar. Probably you should clean your fingers and the end of the boot in order that it becomes less slippery.

    Please make sure you install the boot according to the drawings:
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    Well that's crazy. That is the same size as the one I got.

    I have been trying to stretch this thing over the hub collar for hours. Every time I get it started on one side, it slips back off. I've tried rolling it on using some screwdrivers with no luck.

    I even tried heating it up with a heat gun to see if I could make it more pliable.

    The old boot was easy to get on and off. Maybe it just conformed to 100 mm diameter after being on there for so many years.

    I tried looking around my garage for a jar or something 100 mm in diameter I could slide the boot on and let it conform for a week. I found a can about 95mm and wrapped duct tape around it so it was 100 mm and still could not get it to slide over it.
  5. turbofiat124

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    Got the EMPI CV joint boot yesterday. I tested fitted it onto the hub collar and I think it's going to work. The OD of the boot is slightly larger than 100 mm but I think it will seal once clamped down. If not I think I can make up the difference using a short length of 4" diameter silicone coupler from one of my leftover turbo projects. Then use some of that gray Permatex between this piece and the metal collar to hold it in place then slip the boot over it.

    The ID of the smaller end seems OK.

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