1. Bagor

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    Hi Justin, I would like to know more about that Pick-Up, even if it would be a huge project.
  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I know that it came across the country in the early 1990's and blew its motor in Texas and it's been sitting here ever since.....It's about an hour away from me and I haven't been up that way in quite sometime. I know @JASONCHAD has been wanting me to get him pics of it for over a year and I just haven't made the trip up there. I may be going skiing in New Mexico next month, if I do, I'll have to pass where it is and I'll snap some photos. Just all depends on how my schedule works out.
  3. VADOC

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    I would recommend Angel Fire near Taos, it's gorgeous there
  4. Hoopie

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    Hey guys. I was able to get the Wartburg on the road again. I was unable to get an original engine so I went a different route. I decided to add five more cylinders. It now has a 350 Chevy with a 700r transmission. It runs and drives great. Obviously it's a work in progress but people love it. Number one question is, "What is it?" Thought you'd like the update. To the purists out there, I'm sorry, I couldn't afford to stick with the 3 cylinder 2 stroke. I'll try to post pictures soon.

    Good day,

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  5. Wartburg353W

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  6. mbeamish

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    Nice it got saved ,trying to restore it to original condition would have been seriously expensive/difficult in america
  7. turbofiat124

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    This isn't the same Wartburg is it?


    No shame in trying to keep something on the road when lack of parts is an issue. I'd love to have a Barkas van but understand parts for those things are a problem. My solution would be to put a Fiat 124 drive train underneatha Barkas body shell! I've got several Fiat 2.0 liter and Yugo 1.1 engines, transmissions, axles, etc to work with.

    I wanted LotsOfKids to save me the bits and pieces someone went to all the trouble of fabricating when they put a Fiat 900cc engine in a Trabant but for some reason he wouldn't, couldn't or all that had to goto the scrapyard when the car was totaled.
  8. Bountyflyer

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    These first gen Wartburgs were imported to the North East when they were new. I talked to an old gizer once who used to start them up every morning and park them up front. He said after two
    Weeks they wouldnt start....(for obvious spark plug fouling) Auto Unions were also imported in the same area with very similar engines. I just seen one of these Wartburgs on a carshow in Hungary. They have two variations. The older ones have larger bolt patterns, almost looks like old bug rims and the newer ones have the same wheels as later model Wartburgs. I know a place in Hungary where they make new aluminum hubcaps for this car. Polished or unpolished. They are for the older rims with the extra hubcap holding rings on their rims. I have those on my Barkases.

    Do you have any videos of your V8 Wartburg?! I would love to send the link to Eourope! They would eate ape shit if once they see it! Plus it would be cool to watch!
  9. Hoopie

    Hoopie Newbie

  10. Hoopie

    Hoopie Newbie

    Here's a link to a very short video of the V8 Wartburg.

  11. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    Cool video thanx! I feel a little bad for the poor car because it's a true rarety. I grew up around these and only seen one wagon in my life. I see you had to cut the floor board and do other things. Not a simple task... it's probably the fastest wartburg on the planet.... do you have the yellow curved lexans for the back windows?
  12. Hoopie

    Hoopie Newbie

    I wanted to go original but there are no parts available here. Plus the cost to restore, verse value at the end, were to far apart. Now I can drive it to any parts store and get what I need to keep it on the road. As far a yellow pieces, I don't know anything about that. Did they come as an add on? The glass on my just rolls up and over. I need a sliding rag top but that's going to be difficult to locate. Either way its fun to drive and gets lots of looks.
  13. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Now that's a nice car a real sleeper I bet you suprise a few people at the lights,can you modify a webasto sunroof to fit the top?
  14. Hoopie

    Hoopie Newbie

    Never heard of them. I'll check it out. I'm getting bored with the car. What do you think the value of the Wartburg would be? It's one of seven in the USA so it's hard to figure out.
  15. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    webastos are a folding fabric sunroof they were popular in the 70s and early 80s but you can still get them new,you may get lucky and find one in a bone yard,as for value its hard especialy when theres not been any sold to set an example but ultimatly they,re worth that someones willing to pay
  16. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    Just found this on youtube:

  17. Braxton

    Braxton Newbie

    I love this video it's the one that thought me about wartburg

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