1. paulymx

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    Here are a series of vintage Wartburg adverts from the 1950s.

    This is an interesting advert for IKA electrics which made indicators and electrical equipment for a whole range of IFA vehicles including MZ motorcycles, IWL scooters, Trabants and Robur trucks.


    "and 60 years later" look how far automobiles have come!

    1962 advertisement
  2. trabant601

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    Those are great. More and more of those seem to be surfacing. Eric
  3. paulymx

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  4. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    Those are great Paul, Keep them coming when you find them. Eric
  5. paulymx

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    Here's another pair of interesting videos taken by John Fernley (IFA yahoo group).

    Hi Guys. Here's a video of my trip to Eisenach in 1994 which I just unearthed on an old VHS cassette. It was a great trip which took in the Museum before it moved from Wartburg Allee. The white 353 had only 12000 KM on the clock and gave many years service. It is still around too! I paid an unbelievable £300 for it and had a great adventure! More to follow. Check out the link below.....

    And here is a segment from Channel 4 in the UK about John's 1958 Wartburg 311
  6. paulymx

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    I came across a bunch of films taken in East Germany in 1969 by a William Noack. It's interesting to note how few cars are on the road (but I also suspect the roads in West Germany might also have been a little less than congested too).
    Lots of Wartburg 311s on the road. Also visible are a Simson Schwalbe and IWL Berlin scooter or too.
    A good series showing life as it was...

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