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    Its been four months since I started Wartburg motoring again after a break of thirty odd years. I have to say IÕm enjoying every moment of my time on the road however IÕve had a number of pesky problems that means the off road days have outnumbered the driving days. Good thing is Wartburgs are largely easy to fix, well so far!

    So to my query what gaskets go between the the carburettor and the manifold? I purchased a set from LDV which included a thick rubber gasket, as I found it there was only a thin paper one and this was letting air in. Since fitting the rubber gasket the car has run a lot better and cooler however the rubber is now becoming very soft and is beginning to bulge out and snag the throttle shutter.

    The other problem was a carburettor float full of fuel, having tested it in hot water it had a number of micro holes. To empty it of fuel I had to drill a hole and then seal the holes with solder (electrical multi core). This has worked to an extent but the float is slowly taking in fuel again.

    Any ideas, comment or solutions would be greatly appreciated

    All being well I hope to be at the ÔThe Thornycroft SocietyÕ Basingstoke Festival of Transport on Sunday 13th May come and say hello, it will probably be the only Wartburg there. Looking forward to the IFA day too at Wythall, lets hope Warty will let me make it.

    Regards Sam

    **Please note, this question was posted on behalf of someone else from the [IFA CLUB]**
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    ****Reply posted on behalf of someone else

    ldm-tuning do new floats for 30 euros
    reich-tuning do a complete recon carb for 115 euros
    complete used carbs seem to sell for 10-25 euros on ebay.de
    reich tuning seem best value
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    ****Reply posted on behalf of someone else****

    other idea if you find a company that lines and reconditions vintage fuel tanks they might be able to coat the float in resin no idea if this would work might make it too heavy ?

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