1. Len B

    Len B Puttering Along

    If you had a choice to paint your Trabant 601 any color you wanted what would it be. What is the best color for a Trabant that you like. I know we all would like to keep them original but if that did not matter.
    I think I would paint it two tone Off White & light blue

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Off white and light blue would be awesome. Mine is in getting painted now. The roof is going to be off-white/cream and the body will be Caprigrün (green)

    I would love to cruise around in a Himmelblauer Trabant

  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I kind of like the yellow mine is. I don't think I would change it.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Mine is going to get painted in a few months and I am keeping mine its original colour of Neptune Blue, thankfully I found the paint colour codes for it, although its listed under Wartburg instead of Trabant.
  5. Keri

    Keri Leader

    If I could choose the color to paint Comrade Trabi....
    it would be off-white or beige because it goes so well with red.

    Oh wait! I already did ! :p

    BTW, Himmelblau is over-rated. A whole lot of people, including Comrade Trabi's last Human Custodian, did this, often with what appears to be house paint!
    It just goes to show what a sweet, innocent song* can do to thousands of unsuspecting Trabants.

    * "Sweet and Innocent" as in "because there was a little kiss left and I think you know what for**" ! ;)

    ** (da gab's noch ein Küssenchen, ich glaube ihr wisse schon wofür.)
  6. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I've always like grey or gunmetal. I thought this color of this Scion might look nice but would require a lot of work to cover up the white paint. I'd have to pull the engine and everything in it to make it look descent.

    I beleive the actual name of the paint on my car is called Dolphin Grey but looks more like an antqiue white or cream color.

  7. Thinsid

    Thinsid Loyal Comrade

    I'd go for the blue and white stripe of the old Czech police (VB) colours for the exterior, with gold velour and "fake snake" interior.
  8. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    If i ever get the money to paint mine, papyrus white is the colour for me.:)
    The roof needs some spot painting, so my dad wants to paint the roof white. that is okay with me, if he pays for the paint and do it himself, then it was not interesting anymore.:D
  9. bigmark40

    bigmark40 Puttering Along

    6 coats of Old English White (2K) with an orange roof and wheels. ;)
    The original colour was Papyrus white, so not too difficult to do, but it was done properly with the engine, glass and whole interior out.
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Its been a while (work is super crazy) but mine just got painted last week... just waiting on some parts from DE before the final assembly...





  11. bigmark40

    bigmark40 Puttering Along

    What a thorough job, looks great!
  12. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Nice slick paint job!
  13. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    That French Blue (Bleu?) looks fantastic!

    This red Kombi caught my eye yesterday.

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  14. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    The Blue is actually "Neptunblau" only available in 1977 I think. edit:1976-1977

    I always wanted to keep the original colour and while it isn't listed under Trabant in the Glasurit paint database, it is listed under Wartburg,
    I was comparing the unpainted bumper to the new paint, and there is a slight brightness shift, but the new paint does has a much higher specular finish then the original car.

    I am getting a new headlight surround one is pretty bashed up, so I'll do a comparison with the old one and the new one once it arrives and gets painted.
  15. bigmark40

    bigmark40 Puttering Along

    The red car looks shaded in places.

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