1. trondd

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    Took the fuel system out of the car. Tank to carb. Took over an hour to drain 2 or 3 gallons of fuel out of the tank. Trickle trickle glug stop.....trickle trickle trickle glug, stop... Thought it should be smoother than that.

    A bit of grime built up in the carb so that might explain the dying at idle. And I checked the filters...quite a bit of junk.

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  2. RogerDerSchrauber

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    Put the oil in first, then the petrol, and they automatically mix and then stay together.
  3. kev the builder

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    in the uk 2" of snow brings the country to its knees so who knows what would happen if we had 12"
  4. VADOC

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    Awaiting me when I got home from work on Friday
    Christmas came early!
    I don't live very far from turbofiat so we got the same storm,
    12 inches of snow where I live but 18 inches only 20 miles away. In the lot I parked my daily driver the snow plow driver pushed all the snow up against my car, only got it out yesterday
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  5. VADOC

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    Ohh so pretty
    Lots of parts there though so it will probably not be bolt on
    Instructions are in German so it may take a while to figure out
    Has anyone done the Mikuni 28 conversion?
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  6. kev the builder

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    i made my own using a mikuni copy i used a longer alternator belt and tension arm with the standard bracket,i would start with the new bracket and belt but dont fit it around the alternator straight away as this will give you easier access to fit the carb adaptor and carb,having the cables ready made should make the rest of fitting easy, mine made a noticable difference to the cars driving it accelerated much better and was smoother when cruising but my engine had some gasflowing to the barrels and inlet so this will have also helped
  7. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Thanks Kev
    I do have some concerns about drilling holes in my engine cover and fitting the insulating blanket but we"ll see how it goes
    I'm not sure how quickly I can start the project, my garage is concrete floor and masonry walls, so keeping it warm in the winter is challenging
  8. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    It's not much fun laying on a nice cold concrete floor I'm currently working on an old Land Rover which is to big to fit in my garage and work around so it's sat outside I've invested in some interlocking foam squares so I'm not laid directly on the floor but it's still cold especially as I'm not 20 anymore
  9. IronJaw

    IronJaw Puttering Along

    I feel your pain, my garage is not only cold and draughty but it's also cramped too! I promised myself that I'd get it properly organised before winter came this year but that didn't happen. So I'm still having to move stuff outside and trip over boxes of "crap" if I want to get anything done. Although I was out there yesterday working away. However I find once the light bulbs have created enough excess heat the temperature isn't too bad! LOL

    I've stripped my engine down to the Pistons to clean and inspect things there as well as replace the gaskets with new ones. I'd noticed some oil residue so thought the gaskets may need updating, and I've replace the V belt too. I'm going to get some paints shortly to improve the looks of exhaust components.
  10. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    if you leave the head gaskets off you will get an increse in compression its not going to make a huge difference to performance but every little helps and its for free
  11. RogerDerSchrauber

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    The hi-beam dimmer relay went on mine, so I put another one in today, an original DDR-Abblendrelais that I just got from Danzer-Autoteile. Before, a few weeks ago, I noticed the hi-beams would not dim unless I shut the headlights off first (Not a good idea to do while driving...)

    Wow- what a difference! And the headlights are brighter now!
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  12. IronJaw

    IronJaw Puttering Along

    Well after spending the afternoon putting the engine back together, cleaned and polished, it sounds terrible. I’ve obviously damaged something whilst it’s been apart and now it’s making awful noises. Guess I’ll have to take it back apart tomorrow to see what I can find.
  13. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Have you dropped any bits into the crankcase whilst it had the barrels off?or broken a ring while fitting the barrels?
  14. turbofiat124

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    Well it was a balmy 75F/24C today. And no rain! We are over 60"/150 cm for the year. I'm sick of this rain. Just about three weeks ago we got a foot of snow. Typical winter weather for where I live. It always seems to be warm around New Years Day.

    So today my dial indicator tool arrived from Poland. Why Poland? I got this one for $37 including shipping. Just seemed to take a month to get it. I asked the guy to send me a 50mm rod because the dial indicator I got from Harbor Freight would not go deep enough.

    My assumption on how to use this tool is to find the "dead spot" where the needle goes up then goes down then adjust the outer dial to where the needle points at 0 degrees then rotate the engine back and forth to make sure the needle stops at zero.

    To find 4 mm BTDC, my assumption is to rotate the engine backwards and for every full revolution the needle makes equals 1 mm. So four revolutions would equal 4mm at the zero degree mark. This seems to be about where I estimated using the ruler method.

    I found something interesting. I was a bit off one both cylinders at TDC but spot on 4mm BTDC on #1 cylinder. But on #2 cylinder I had not been running as much advance. This is where I ended up at on #2 cylinder using the dial indicator tool.


    I made a new plate and created an adjustment arch for #2 cylinder so I can adjust each cylinder independently. For some strange reason today, when I started the car today, #1 cylinder was not firing. It was my assumption that, that white ceramic heat sink paste is conductive. Well apparently it's not. So that module (the top one) was not getting a good ground. I wiped it off except for the backside of the module which was on the module when I removed it from the backing plate and now it runs fine.

    I went for a test run and all seems well. Tomorrow I may install my performance heat exchanger/expansion pipe. Then take the car to a muffler shop to install my EMPI silencer.

    The wobble in this video is a flat washer. It's Imperial so it's not perfectly 10 mm. I had to use it because the head of the bolt is a bit recessed and my wrench kept slipping off.

    Happy New Year!

  15. IronJaw

    IronJaw Puttering Along

    I’ve not posted in a while, but I’ve been very busy as far as Trabi action goes. I’ve been investing a lot of my spare time into working on the car to keep the restoration moving along, I’m aiming to have the car on the road at the start of summer. I’ve stripped it down to a rolling shell now and it’s going in for welding today, then straight into paint. I’ve accumulated a nice selection of NOS parts to fit to the vehicle as well as some stealthy modern upgrades for the electrical system. I’ve replaced the fuse box with a blade style system which is safer and more reliable as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve fitted a new battery isolation switch which is also NOS. I still need to do some wiring work on the headlight system to replace some missing wiring for the front fog lights, and I need to put a length of wire in for a heated rear window which I’ve been given. Finally I’ll be fitting some RHD headlights I’ve acquired so I don’t need to foul up the looks with bits of tape on the glass.
    I’ve been busy with the motor by stripping it down, cleaning and reassembling it with new gaskets. I’ve also fitted a new belt and cleaned up the alternator. I just need to come up with a new way to keep the cap on the distributor as the factory wire lever snapped off long before I got the car.

    I did take a weekend out in January though to travel to Berlin. I immersed myself in a East German history, staying in an East German themed hotel, visiting various DDR museums and sights and taking a 2.5 hour Trabant Safari round the city. Getting to spend some time behind the wheel of a Trabi on the road was great, it’s really got me looking forward to getting mine on the road.

    Whilst the car is away now I’ll still be busy getting the panels ready for refitting and paint. Anything I can do to save the painter time is good in my book.

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