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    Yeah it all worked out. So I had to put the stock 601 pulley on the lathe, and turn the outside of the hub down to size. So it is a custom job... Also, that Nissan Alt uses no key on the shaft, so some red loctite was put in place. Had to slot the stock lower bracket over 1 inch ( the mounting holes that hook onto the block). Still uses the stock length belt. The worse part is getting a good tight spacer-between the bottom lugs. A lose one, makes the case warp a smidge when tightened up.. This is a problem with all Alts of this mounting design...

    Just got back from a huge adventure to PA. Was the import cars show in Carlisle, between that- and picking up a on the car wheel balancer. It had to be over 500 miles round trip. The new Alt did fine, at one point what appeared to be a tsunami dumped on the interstate. Thankfully I had enough charging power to use those fog lights.. Couldn't do that before.

    If you look closely at those bottom lugs of the alt in the picture, this is just like the stock style. The gm type don't have this, so it will need a special bracket.

    To be fair the one I chose is not a perfect candidate, besides the fact it needed machining, the bat charge wire comes directly out the top. Some creative insulating was done-it rubs the carb bowl..

    IMAG0365.jpg IMAG0367.jpg IMAG0361.jpg
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    IMAG0349.jpg IMAG0366.jpg
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    Today that wheel balancer officially met the Trabi. Now since I've had it, there has been a awful wheel wobble at anything over 40mph. Needless to say- that large road trip almost shook the hands of my watch...

    Anyway, after getting good with Mr. Balancer- the steering wheel is like glass! :cool: Words fail me, just how much better it is. Absolutely no wheel shake can be felt. Might very well be the best thing I've ever done to it...

    Used to tell people these cars came from the factory with a governor--- "When the wheel starts to shake like it's strapped to a jack hammer, you need to back off!".
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    Took the old engine out of the Trabant today. It was a breeze. Used a Hoyer lift. Followed the directions in "Wie helfe ich mir selbst". Undo the engine from the gearbox, undo the engine and gearbox rubber mount bolts, then lift the whole and gently push the gearbox about two inches to the right. Lift engine to the left and cant it. Engine pops right out and up it goes. Gearbox and CV joint/arms still in car.
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    Got the idle dialed in better then drove it! :cool:
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    Looks like you could use the Nissan - specific connector that won't tend to fall off... maybe find one in a junkyard?


    How does that thing charge at low speed / idle?
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    Yeah it would be better with the right connector. Couldn't find one well priced, and would get here in time before the big road trip.. No good junk yards anywhere near me either. It is internally regulated, only a 3 wire setup:

    6 gauge wire to batt, the charge bulb in the dash(only a indicator, and nothing else-not a sense wire), and another 12v always hot(this makes me a bit twitchy, it having power all the time, so it is ran into the fuse box). It knows when it isn't spinning,-whether or not to send it 12v+ towards the regulator. Please Disregard that ground wire on the back, not necessary at all.

    At idle, it puts out near 14.5 volts-then gets a smidgen lower(once the alt puts back what the starter took).

    You can feel it with the lights on, at idle. Of course it draws the revs down, but not that much. Near equal to the factory Alt. At high speed, with every electrical accessory on(including the fog lights) it charges at 14.5 volts. Think it is a 80 amp model. Really hated to cut a stock pulley, but it had to be done. Got lucky about the pulley OD, sometimes when doing stuff like this, they won't charge at idle, until you bump it up. Since it will ever only need to pump out around 40 amp max, not much stress will be on it.

    As far as this Alt is concerned- "I have no regrets!" :D

    At least this Nissan unit came from a time when they were made very well, unlike the renault/nissan stuff of today... Just in the mounting lugs alone, the quality is fantastic.

    The Batt charge 6 gauge wire is rubbing on the bottom of Herr Vergaser. Plenty of heat shrink, and electrical tape was used.
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    I have the new engine, carb and clutch in, car runs great. Also put in a new throttle cable as the old one had a kink in it. I must say, I learned by screwing things up, putting them in wrong, and by following "Wie helfe ich mir selbst."

    Trabantwelt also put out a really good instruction book, also in German, on how to take apart and put back together Trabants.

    I put the TW engine together (always check the direction of your cylinder heads, and make sure the clips in the piston shafts are also in correctly....) and it started right up. I didn't even have to tune it.

    I am looking into having the old engine rebuilt, and keeping it as a spare. I might even do it myself.
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    And now I have to tune it. Getting sooty spark plugs.
  12. RogerDerSchrauber

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    Followed TNTrabi's directions on how to tune the motor. Runs great now.
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    After several months of reliability and a couple of winters of storage, Trabi finally had a breakdown. First one in a while so I have been very lucky. No cranking when trying to start. Removed starter and took to rebuild shop. Appears the starter solenoid has given up the ghost. Parts on order and will be running again shortly. Also removed the engine tins for the first time since I bought the car back in 2014. Never really had a reason to take them off. Found out that one of the nuts for the exhaust manifold was missing and has been leaking exhaust/oil. Looks like it has probably been gone for a while. Will clean up and get a new one back on there.
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    An expert friend from Germany visited in June. Worked on 3 of mine. New breaks, some bushings, plastic carb floats, correct amount of HP 68 gear box lubricant, much tinkering and such. Drove two of them a short stretch of Rt. 66 to prove that they were working well.
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    Oh, I forgot a good point. While replacing the belt on two of mine, major mouse nests inside the cover. One included the mouse skeleton. Smell once hot was a signal to get in there and clean it up too.
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    I had an engine built for me. Sand blasted and painted cover. I restored a sound blanket. Pictures eventually.
  17. Bill

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    I haven’t been on the forum in awhile. The Trabant was put in the back burner while We bought another house, moving, job hunting, etc...
    BUT- today that changed and I finally got it registered and on the road legally!
    It has been a few years since I had a running Trabant. It is nice to be in the drivers seat again.
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  19. Bill

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    I have been working on getting everything back in shape on my kombi.
    Seemed to be a bit sluggish but new points seems to have solved its problems!
    Thinking I might drive it to work tomorrow.
  20. A Spooky Ghost

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    Just cracked open my 5th gallon Of Lucas 2 Stroke Oil. At 40:1--3. ou per gallon. That's about 213 gallons of fuel gone through the little motor. Needless to say " It gets around!" :cool:
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