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    It's not often you see a Dacia, a Trabant and a Lada together in NYC, but when it happens, it's more surprising than spotting Raph with his Baja doing the Manhattan loop

    Believe it or not, the two-tone Dacia wagon is the oldest of the trio. It's a 1974 with a 1.3 four banger. The Romanians started building these Renault 12 copies back in 1969. This yellow wonder belongs to Eduard Palaghita and resides in the great state of New York. ... (Story Continued)
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  2. Wartburg353W

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    Thanks for sharing, this led me to the facebook group. What a bunch they are!
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    I should have had my Yugo up there to complete the lineup!
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    Hey Turbo, are you going to the Nobelsville thing this June?

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