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    There are a lot of pictures of it on google. From what I gather it was the 2013 concourse, it had California plates "ZWICKAU" and was listed as a 1977 and was for sale at the time.

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    Just noticed, this is the first one I've ever seen with a spare tire cover.
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    "The current owners purchased the car from that collector in 2010, the year they legally imported it into the U.S. CA DMV initially registered the car and issued plates; the smog issue came up later, hence the decision to sell. "

    Say what? Last I knew, Trabants were exempt from smog regs in CA. They are in MA, which apes CA laws. Did something change? I thought we had several members from California. Are they all outlaws now, or is this a canard?

    And he wants almost $14K for it? Good luck to him.
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    he's been trying to sell it since 2013 then if that is still current

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