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    Willy, Wartburg cross-country June-October 2018
    Hello Feunde,
    Here is a noteworthy for anyone who might find themselves along or near the route of this tour. Three Germans and their Wartburg will drive from Potsdam, NJ on June 15 to Chicago then full Rt.66 then back via a southern route back to Potsdam, NJ some time in October.
    Here is a message to those following the crew and a link.

    Hallo liebe Willy Freunde!

    Hier der Link zu aktuellen Newsletter:


    Bis demnächst

    Viele Grüße
    Die Drei mit Willy

    I expect to try and intercept them someplace before Chicago and perhaps past Chicago. Logistics may be complicated. If you want to try this too, contact
    Jörg Tissat
    in Facebook or though the link above.
    Have fun,
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    Choosing the Midwest sub-forum for discussion since it's the most...middle.

    This is pretty cool. I always love an epic road trip. Wish I was closer to the route, or could help in any way.

    When I drove to Baja, Mexico from NH we ran into a guy from France doing Rt 66 in a Mustang. I guess that's a thing to do. :)
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    I had some friends from East Germany that came and bought a used car just to drive down Rt. 66, originally leaving from my house in NW Indiana. in the 1990's a Trabant club from Berlin brought several Trabants and did the same thing. How knows how many others there are from Germany who want to do this too.
    What car did you take from NH to Mexico? Sounds like a real adventure. I would like to drive a Trabant up Mt. Washington some day (having been there once, the notion has always amused me).
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    We were racing in the Mexico 1000. A stage rally down the Baja peninsula from Ensenata to Cabo San Lucas. We drove some Ford V10 Van towing a Nissan Frontier race truck. The van blew a spark plug out of a cylinder head pretty quickly on the way so it was mostly a V9.

    My first time at the wheel of the tow rig was in the middle of the night in PA which was all road construction with narrow lanes of jersey barriers. I had no idea where the van was in the road or how wide the trailer was. Every break in the barriers meant an edge when the barriers started again that I could possibly catch the trailer fender on. :eek:

    Taking a Trabant up Mt. Washington was the first thing I thought of. :D Would it even make it?
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    I just checked in earlier today and got caught up on the blog. They are meeting German speakers, though. It's looking like a good time.
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    They've gone through Niagra Falls, cheated across Canada ;) and into Flint, MI.

    They posted a couple videos linked from their blog.
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    They made it all the way around, back to NY and are shipping back home.

    Looked like a really fun trip.

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