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    Hello again all! I posted a couple years back looking for a Trabi and got some really great advice from you all which I really appreciated. I decided then to put my Trabi hunt on hold while I kept on with my schooling. Also since I didn't have much disposable capital to buy a really strong model, or a covered parking space to keep it, I decided my dream would have to wait. But I've been bitten again with the Trabi bug, after riding around the streets of Berlin in one.
    Unfortunately, my financial situation is still very tight. I've been having some serious health issues that have prevented me from pursuing work outside my classes. So I'm looking for pretty cheap. I intend on moving to Chicago after I graduate and would only drive it occasionally if much at all, and I have a more modern vehicle to drive when I need. I'm also more than willing to do some wrenching on it if need be.
    Right now, I still think of my Trabant as a ways off, and am willing to wait for the right one to come my way; something just told me "why not put some feelers out?" As my grandfather said, "If you want to play ball, you've got to be on the field." Thanks for your time, and if anyone knows of some cheap Trabis in the midwest, feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM. Thanks so much!
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