1. Andrewwoey

    Andrewwoey Loyal Comrade

    Just back from a weekend riding in Wales on my 1974 Honda SS50. While we were having a rest break and ice cream in Aberystwyth, this Zundapp 50cc pulled up, on German plate. We had a good chat about his bike that he built up from bits, but he would not let me take it home. :D He had a bag on the carb to stop the smell of petrol in the car, as the rest of the family did not like the smell:D. While chatting i mentioned the Trabant. He said that he was recently offered 2 of them for nothing while he was visiting his relatives on the eastern side of Germany. They belonged to one of the neighbours and just sat around for many years after the death of the owner. He did not take them as it was to far from his home to transport them. He did not state the area they were in, but still too far from the UK:(. But we had a great chat before he had to do his family duties and go site seeing.

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